New Feature: Team Quests


Imagine that…a new feature which has been tested and about to be released is now not going to be released because of issues, which should have been found in the initial test phase before announcing it would be released, and around and around we go…


I for one appreciate that test cases are being done, and that an unfinished feature won’t be released to cause headaches and gripes. Thanks for letting us know!


Appreciate the transparency. Looking forward to seeing it once it’s ready.


So are they planning to release it next week for the last event of the season? That will give your bugs the opportunity to do maximum damage and really screw up the ending of the season with no hope of redemption.


Honestly this looks like a great new feature. I cant wait to see what the gotcha is. Will it be massive debilitating bugs, or vastly increased pricing, or nerfed prizes? Maybe all 3


I agree they should be booted if they don’t participate and no reason given it drags a team down inactive players or even active ones that don’t participate in wars and events


@DragonPunch Is there any updates to when the Team Quests will be released? Thank you.


This should come out this upcoming pvp


@Arelyna @Pixxel et all. I’m not seeing any definitive answers on Team Quests. Is it rolling out this coming event or start of next season? Thank you


I think they can’t tell yet because they probably aren’t sure all will be fixed and working on Wednesday/Thursday when the event will be live and treasure hunt finished…


They aren’t about to make the mistake of handing out a concrete date again.:joy::joy::joy: Uproar and outrage over the delay put an end to that awfully quick.


I agree with a minimum 1pt contribution as everybody can do that. For example the breeding event: I was lucky with the gold chests and got boat loads of egg tokens, so did my leader, while other had 20-30k only.


I don’t have a definitive answer on when this will be rolling out exactly. As soon as we have an update, we will let everyone know though.


Thank you for your response, I look forward to the next update.


@Kardul, history would strongly suggest that they cant tell even after a major feature is released when it will be fixed and working. I can only imagine how buggy it must be that they realize it is buggy and must be delayed. I can only pray that they are not going to bring it out on the last event of this season. Some of us need this last event to finish our season lines we are working on. The last event of the season would give the bugs an opportunity to do catastrophic damage which cannot be easily undone. At least if they wait until start of next season any damage it does can be fixed with an apology chest.


where are the teamquests?


I understand Team Quests are being released this event and im okay with that for the time being. I am very interested in Ochre and getting his platinum stone for my mini. I have a couple questions over how his stones will be achieved.

  1. At what levels will the stones be achievable?
    • like the first 1/2 of prizes or the very last prize?!!
  2. Will his stones be available every event going forward(i like this idea)?
  3. Will it be taken into consideration that lower leagues typically aren’t able to earn the highest prizes as a whole team? A level 50 obviously cant compete with a level 300 in a pvp event, if they’re in a higher league together.


Most of the answers you seek are above in the pg responses or links underneath their responses


Can you please quote anything in this thread that would answer my question??? I just reread the entire thing and wasted my time. Please don’t dis my comment unless you yourself can answer it.


The so called help to u gave him is equivalent to saying its on this forum somewhere go look for it. Useless and utterly unhelpful.

No, the answers he seeks are not on the forums anywhere. Neither are they on the blog post for ochre. Other than a statement that says earn ochre stones in team events in the coming weeks. Even that is vague. Will the same stone be available for all events? Will the team quests be just one long event that replays every week and you continue where you left off? All these aren’t answered and they need to be to answer trueone’s questions above.

The answers don’t currently exist. If you can prove me wrong go ahead. Otherwise take your unhelpfulness elsewhere.