New Feature: Team Quests


How do you get Ochre?


Amarok+Durga parents

  1. I dont know
  2. I dont know
    (That information will be released after the Team Quests are available)

3 By taken into consideration do you mean will lower leagues have easier prize tiers? Why would that be the case? A team of level 50 players should not be able to achieve the same rewards as a team of level 300 players, period. If there is a level 50 on a higher league team with higher level teammates do they have an advantage in this area? Of course they do. That is the way it should be. Rewards shouldn’t be tailored so that everyone gets the top prize, how is that fair to higher level players? They put more time and/or money into the game to achieve a higher level so they get penalized with harder rewards tiers? That makes no sense.

It has not been announced when Team Quests will be available. Since they do not show up in the armoury for the current event I would assume they are not being released for this event. To much chance of a glitch messing up the final week of the season and causing problems.


And Ochre is totally optional?


I have so many questions swirling in my head regarding the upcoming team quests and the evo stones for the above mentioned dragon. And I don’t envy the devs, because what if I don’t get the green, but somehow obtain the gold stone? What then?


Ochre breeds nothing right now; you’d just be getting it to collect or because you like the design/spells. It’ll stall your breeding progress by approximately 24k (at least when it was available, don’t know about next time), so it’s up to you :slight_smile:


I’m guessing points 2 and 4 were what got it flagged. Unnecessary and unhelpful. I was okay with it :sweat_smile::joy:


Thanks…the response that got flagged did have a little bit harsher tone, but I also added humor to it…it was a bad night and getting accused of disrespecting him rubbed me the wrong way, so I will own it. The only problem I have with the flag is that it discourages honest discourse.

Thanks again.


We could delete half this forum is we are going to get rid of useless, idiotic or unrelated posts though. seems like a weird one to flag.


i can still read it… doesn’t seem that bad…


It wasn’t bad at all. I take nothing from it, cause everyone has bad days. I was frustrated as well.

So anyways… anyone know the answers to question 3? The question is regarding that lower levels can’t get as many points in events as higher levels due to the in ability to hit the highest bases in their leagues, and take advantage of elemental tower extra points in fort events AND the difficulty of hatching so many eggs if they even can earn the same amount of tokens as someone in diamond (150k+). It’s difficult because for 150k tokens they would be breeding 10-15 dragons and having to hatch and train all at once which is more difficult than hatching a single garnet and running xp runs back to back with nothing else to really breed unless you want to use the rest of your tokens on the next garnet.


My best guess would be people are hunting the stupid forum badges and you get one for flagging a post so off they go :rofl:


@DragonPunch @Arelyna last update was 8 days ago, is there already an ETA?
Would be nice to have team quests for when the new Season starts next weekend :slight_smile:


The only update I have is that it will be out sometime during the Winter Season. I do not have any exact dates yet.

Team Quests What happened

Ty for the info, still impressed how 2 events ago can move on to this timespan


But it said 1-2 weeks on the announcement and that was 17days ago… :frowning: Nevertheless, still looking forward to this new feature!!


As soon as I have an update from the team for everyone, I will pass it on! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t cry or complain if you pull some resources off of Atlas development to finish this other project. In fact, you could go ahead and delay atlas indefinitely if you want. This team quest project actually seems useful and I like that whenever it rolls out everyone will be getting it at the same time. Its been a while since anything came out that the high leagues didn’t get first.


So some of the first teams to get beta were low leagues…

Name me things the high leagues got first?

Also all players in high leagues started in low leagues.

Lastly team quests will probably be figured into the prizing cadence which means individual prizing will be lower, or seasonal requirements higher.

Not sure why anyone would want something implemented that just makes your personal prizes worse


While I’d rather Atllas just not be a thing how is delaying it indefinitely going to help the lower league teams? So when we finally get there we can be even further behind?