New Feature: Team Quests


I see a lot of teams with 5 or less players, including my own. I guess this means we might as well sit out events with team quests, as we will be severely limited in our ability to make gains. SMH


Why in God’s name are you in a team with 5 or less players if you are active? Makes no sense to me anyway…more team mates = more fun!


It’s a family thing … just here to have fun … we love the game … just not this exclusionary feature


Recruit teammates brother. If you are keeping your team private for you and a couple of your friends, you’re missing out on a whole lot of stuff nevermind these team rewards whenever they come


You’re already missing out on wars and events. I appreciate the family component for sure, feel free to be picky but the exclusionary factor is on you my friend (I mean this kindly!)


LOL… yeah, well our little team has done quite well… placing in top 3 in our league in many events … Played Mobile Strike for over a year, done with the drama queens in most teams, LMAO


I apologize if you took my comments the wrong way. Happy flying!


No worries Cheeky … your name says it all, LOL … and I don’t take anything personally … no worries :slight_smile:


Come join my alts team. We are in platinum 4. Look up yahwehwarriors and message the officer redgriffin. She’ll hook you up. Say grumpy sent u.


Thanks Grumpy … wrote down the info … we’ll consider it


You can also try in the #recruitment section; the old forums had a number of guilds that were made to be family friendly. Maybe someone will see you guys on there? :slight_smile:

Otherwise, many tend to be 18+ and such, not sure if that’s a problem or not.


Forsci suggestion is good too! We’re a family friendly team. Have kids there. See how u go!


What feature has only the higher leagues gotten first or than Atlas? Sort of, the initial beta was open to teams from any league.


If you don’t want to go join a team you can open up yours, keep your officer structure etc, mostly. If you’re finishing top 3 in events with 5 members I’m sure you’ll have no issues recruiting. I’m suggesting this as a way to keep your current hierarchy and maintain that family bond instead of joining other teams, but the options above are certainly solid. Good luck sir


Good suggestion … for some reason we never thought of just opening it up, LMAO … brain farts all around

And BTW … I was using 5 members as an example bc we see a lot with that low of a number … but we are only 3 and still kick azz … it’s called experience and smart game play, LOL

We have no problem with offensive/perverted language … in Mobile Strike we made sure we were in the most perverted and deranged alliance :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m worried about that exact thing. There is a post further up where I said the same exact thing more or less. We will see I guess… The devil is always in the details :slight_smile:


if you don’t have a team yet, but plan on joining one in the near future, join my team temporarily.

i am in gold v and will plan on staying in Gold just for the gold league event rewards.

team is ucmi (UCMI)


We’re looking for a few active players - we’re gold 1 atm, working our way up to platinum.
Friendly team & we have players all over the world, so usually someone about!
If you fancy joining us message me in game - I’m pointycat - or have a look at the team - Carnageiscomin

Whatever you do, good luck!


Guys, let’s not make the mods close this thread, as there likely will be feedback players will want to give after the feature goes live.
This is a team quest thread, not a recruitment thread.


I was thinking the same thing