New Feature: Team Quests


Fyreflie is at least right with the first part of the comment: that atlas uses a lot of personal resources which seem to be missing somewhere else. There are too many construction areas which are regularly postponed and team quests is only one.

I hope that they will get it done soon and that doing team quests will increase the amount of sigils that a person can receive at all. So that the personal sigils are not cut. Because even if you maxed all events and got a lot of sigils in the chests you still lacked around 1/3 Sigils for getting the mystic dragon.

So doing more and having less is no option.


Does anyone have any new insight on when Team Quests will launch?


Really wish they would do more work towards these team quests that can benefit everyone rather than fixing things in atlas that only helps a select amount of people.


Different teams, different skill sets, different tasks.


My assumption is that they will be released for the next breeding event. Makes the most sense as they will most likely allow Ocher to be bred again this time around.

Just my 2 cents

FYI Nice Pern reference :grin::grin:


I am convinced that “team” rewards will be factored into “total rewards” for a season

In other words you aren’t benefitting


In order for it to be figured into the total rewards for the season they would have to take prizes away from the event tiers which would be very noticeable so I guess we will see.


The overall cost for all branches in a season has gone up since we went from 3 to 6 branches in a year.

Fall 2016:
3 main dragon branches

Fall 2017:
3 main dragon branches
1 bonus dragon branch
1 dragon rider branch
1 growing dragon branch

Yes, I think we need the team quests, we need the assault events to run again and maybe we need even more than that :grin:


You forgot to mention that we went up several Dragon tiers too, from Sapphire to Obsidian…


We need to subcontract playing the game to low wage workers overseas because the game will need to be played 24/7 to max out all that stuff.

Actually I bet it WOULD be cheaper to pay someone 25 rupees or 10000 dong or 20 taka an hour to spend all day grinding on the game versus buying packs at PG prices…


Anyone know when this is coming out? I’m just waiting to evolve ochre at this point if it’s during this breeding event I think it would be in everyone’s interest to keep us updated


…what he said :point_up_2:t2:


Prolly another promising thing like salvage shop that we wont even see anything of…!


Thanks for adding the team achievement feature.

Although I think Ochre is something for lower levels, so to say for lower leagues. Therefore I think the last achievement in which you get the final evostone is pretty high and difficult to reach (for lower leagues). I would love to have more achievements which can be challenging as well, but the stone should be easier reachable.

I also got some questions for team achievements:
Will it be available in all upcoming events (as intended)?

If so, does the team fall back to zero in the next event?
Or will we stay at achievement 5 and start from there in the next event (maybe points system changed)?

If we fall back to “non achievement”, do we get the same evostones and sigils as prices again? Or will there be different prices in the next event?
So if I already have an evostone for ochre, I will not need another one…

Does it have an impact if we have a low participation during one event for the following team events?


Technically it was set to come up every events forward, so I assume it will not reset , maybe changed a bit.

:crossed_fingers: Hoping for the best for the teams who will want him :crossed_fingers:

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Fun Fact:
Even for a Diamond teams it’s not easy to reach the final achievement, although probably noone in Diamond needs Ochre :rofl:
Not sure why they made it so hard to get that Sapphire stone.

Although tbh Ochre is a waste of tokens.


It’s a platinum stone only… Even worse!


Thanks Kardul. It looks like this, but as they changed a lot, maybe this will be also different.

On the downside this means that if I got the sigils once, I cannot get any more. 900 sigils at all is not sooo much, compared to 75k that I would need to get access to the mythic dragon

I was also amazed about the number of people needed to finish one quest. Looking at the screenshot I thought 10 would be the highest. But then it got clear that it is a proportion of the number of players in the team. …

Also hoping for the best


@Grumpybigbird oh it’s just the Plat stone? Didn’t really check it so I expected that he can be maxed with the stone from the top achievement lol… that really sucks for whoever wants that shitty dragon :rofl:

@Paule2100 900 Sigils is a lot! That’s about as much as the lowest team prize in Diamond. And the achievement isn’t so easy to max for most teams.


Hi Mare, I totally agree with you: 900 sigils is a lot if you (might) get it every week/event.

As Kardul said that he assumes that there will not be a reset, the whole thing would be one time only. So it would be 900 sigils per season.

I consider this not to be a lot, but maybe I am mistaken.