New Feature: Team Quests



To answer your questions:

  1. Team Achievements will be available in future events, but not necessarily in every event.
  2. Team Achievements work similarly to individual achievements, where each event where it’s introduced will feature new prize tiers and prizes. Every team will have to start from the beginning just like any other event rewards.
  3. Evolution stones will be available in a future team achievement, but not necessarily the next time it’s introduced.
  4. Team achievements don’t carry over, so if you do poorly in one event, it will not affect your performance in the next event since everyone starts from 0.

Team event quests fall off the roadmap
Team Achievement Points

Thank you very much @Arelyna.
I totally appreciate this and it’s a good way forward.


Basically confirms that platinum for ochre is unachievable by 99.999% of the playing community then. Thanks! :joy: at least they won’t waste tokens on that crap :+1:


Or PG gets much more money than just selling single evostones (cf. ember):wink:


Too bad some of us already wasted our tokens on a dragon that will be worthless very quickly. Oh well guess we should have known better.


Yep, I think a lot of us learned a valuable lesson here… They just created a dragon that almost no one in plat or lower (who would actually use it) will be able to use. PG was just trying to throw a few more bucks in their bank account. Won’t fall for it again…


Can’t complain about the few extra sigils the team achievements give us, but they screwed us with the stones…


Ember didn’t work out so well for selling stones, considering that people rapidly figured out that the best thing to do with ember is keep him level 1.


I wanted to take a minute to say well done on the Team quests in the last PVP event. I have some suggestions for improvement but I will say with my team it definitely increased participation.

In our case we got to the 300 sigil reward, which if memory serves me required either 20 or 30 people to get 12k points.

I think the prizes beyond that point were really not worth the effort, as I believe they all required 40 teammates to do a certain score. (Unless you are on a diamond team, herding 40 cats is tricky)

Here is my feedback:

The criteria seems to have a progression of both an increase of number of people and number of points. This is inheritanrly flawed as reality is a bell curve of people. I’m not sure if this was a limitation of the current achievement structure or not, but ideally you might have some non-sequential prizes. Even so I think you can adjust it without breaking the sequential nature.

So current flow is like this (mock-up numbers)

05 players at 01k points
05 players at 03k points
05 players at 05k points
10 players at 05k points
15 players at 05k points
20 players at 05k points
20 players at 12k points
30 players at 12k points
40 players at 12k points
40 players at 20k points
40 players at 80k points

Anyways you can see both players and points are always a high water mark. Ideally we would want some non-sequential benefits to the team. Namely you should continue to increase the points targets while decreasing the number of players.

For example you might do something like the following

05 players at 01k points
05 players at 03k points
05 players at 05k points
10 players at 05k points
15 players at 05k points
20 players at 05k points
20 players at 12k points
30 players at 12k points
15 players at 30k points
10 players at 40k points
05 players at 80k points

It’s not perfect in my mock-up but you can see what I’m going for. Obviously I see that it becomes less of a progression, but the prizes become attainable and will increase spending significantly. (My team would have easily gone from 3 people in the 80k+ to 5 for example). - win win. PG makes more money, whole team benefits from big spenders, activity increased, etc.

I also think you guys need to retool the higher prizes more. Yes egg tokens and rubys are nice, but I think you should continue offering sigils as well. Namely because a lot of players in my team are really looking for sigils.

Runes are good but you must be careful as nobody wants more of the runes that keep showing up. You need something better than that to get a team to pull out a miracle.


I hadn’t thought about it in those terms but I think you are correct.


When will Ochre Evo-Stones come back? Prev. my team and i didnt make it till the last reward, so there are still some Evo-Stones missing…


Still curious to hear whether any team in the entire game got the platinum evo stone.


I was thinking something similar, it might also be nice to have some rewards on the other end for teams that can’t do massive points, but that do have everyone participate. In your example, that would be a 40 players at 5k points, for example. That means you might get the rewards out of order, but there’s nothing wrong with that.


Out of the couple times now that there have been team quests I feel like the scale of number of players-to-difficulty really shifts into some unreasonable territories pretty quickly.

I think it would probably be better if there were almost two separate branches of a sort when it came to the team achievements. One that rewarded you for more players hitting the specified mark and then another side that rewards you for hitting bigger and bigger marks.


  • 5 players hit for X
  • 10 players hit for X
  • 20 players hit for X
  • 40 players hit for X


  • X = 5k
  • X = 10k
  • X = 25k
  • so on and so forth

So you could be seeing a whole series of rewards that in total would look like

  • 5 players hit for 5k
  • 5 players hit for 10k
  • 5 players hit for 25k
  • 10 players hit for 5k
  • 10 players hit for 10k
  • 10 players hit for 25k
  • 20 players hit for 5k
  • 20 players hit for 10k
  • 20 players hit for 25k
  • 40 players hit for 5k
  • 40 players hit for 10k
  • 40 players hit for 25k

and so on.

A typical team could then end up hitting the following achievements

  • 5 players for 5k
  • 5 players for 10k
  • 5 players for 25k
  • 10 players for 5k
  • 10 players for 10k
  • 10 players for 25k
  • 20 players for 5k
  • 20 players for 10k
  • 40 players for 5k

This would allow some teams to get an extra bit of help from their high performing members while also still incentivizing getting as many players involved as possible.


I really love the Team Achievements, thank you PG for putting more focus on teamplay!

The only thing I wonder is if the last achievenment isn‘t a little too hard to reach in PvP?
Wondering how many teams got it, I guess maybe 2-3?


Would also be nice if you would need to hit the require point mark to get the team reward for that mark.! That way maybe nobody would think : i’ll leave my teamates do the points and i’ll just pick up easy rewards…!

Just a tought!


The whole point of team achievements is to reward the team. If you’re just going to reward the individuals who hit those marks you basically just created another set of individual achievements that can only be unlocked like a Groupon.


Yes and no…! Would still requipe a certain amount of teamates to hit a mark before you get the reward!


But the team as a whole does not benefit, just the individuals who contributed. Defeats the concept of team.


I think this doesn’t mean only those who hit a mark gets the prizes, just that it unlocks it for the whole team. By example I already received several team achievement rewards for this Breeding event but I still have to participate because my breeders aren’t ready yet. That’s like 20% of the team excelling in event so that 80% of the team can benefit from their higher level/spending teammates… Those percentage are very common and I see them come up all the time in games and IRL.