New Feature: Team Quests


That’s what Galaad seems to be suggesting should be done. Only those who complete the team achievement marks reap the benefit of said team achievement, which to me just feels sort of like individual achievement.

I can understand the “fairness” aspect of it, but we exist in a game where a team of utter scrubs could theoretically win a war against a team many times more powerful than them just by having one single gargantuan player backing them for 250 flames. So we already reward teams on the basis of their strongest members anyway.

My initial suggestion of those varying marks for both members and point level hit would allow the biggest members of a team to give those extra reward bonuses to their team. I can see why people want want to do that and might push that extra little bit more to give the bonus to their mates. I think locking the reward payout for a team achievement just for the ones who hit it defeats the team concept in a big way.


We both agree then :wink:


Awful idea… kick the lazy players… but not everyone can get every achievement. No reason to exclude them from “team” achievement.


hello there im asking question about teamate contributions in wintertide event…

why i cant see my teamate contribution …
it says only…
{{ Text}}

how to fix this???


Did you raise support ticket?

Also a suggestion i can give, try to uninstall the game, turn off your device and wait for 2 mins, start the device again and install War Dragons. It most likely fixes such problems.


im afraid to uninstall the game cause i forgot my password​:sob::sob:


You could try messaging support. Or better yet, get on your computer browser and try logging into the forums :laughing: Your pocket ID password is what you need to log in :blush:


wew that’s it thanks for the advice guy…
finally i recovered my password.

i uninstall the game then put my email…
then try to put password that i remember…
then it say " incorrect password " then theres a botton say’s forgot password…

so then i follow the procedure then…

i got my acc. back!!!


Yay! Congragts on getting your account back :blush:


It’s not penalty it’s to keep player say 0-1k prizes of event to claim the team for example I’m on a team where 25 players haven’t even done 6k and most of those are under 2k they shouldn’t be allowed to claim a team prize of the current event of 6k if we get it if they don’t hit at least 4-5k at least! I fully support this idea and would love this to happen!


Remind me not to have you as a team mate. :man_facepalming:


Did it work.? I have the same problem with the team contributions