New Forum Themes

Hello All,

I’ve activated a few new forum themes: Dragonlight (light mode), Frostwyrm (original), and Ebondrake (dark mode). Dragonlight is the new default theme, but you can toggle over to the dark mode or original by going into your profile > Preferences > Interface > Theme, and select it from the dropdown. I apologize for any bugs that might come up on mobile or otherwise, but please let us know if you find any.

What’s New

  • Main page categories have icons and are now big buttons.
  • Links to submit a support ticket, the Blog, and our Privacy Policy are up at the top.
  • There’s a PG Tracker now that filters for posts from PGStaff members. It’s in the middle of the screen where the normal filters are.
  • PG posts are now in orange, and our avatars have an orange glow to them too.

EDIT: modified my original message to say that there’s one more theme that’s closer to the original out-of-the-box colors.


Looks a lot better, except for your orange text, might want to change it to something else that is more easily readable :slightly_smiling_face: Otherwuse, do like the changes :hugs:

It startled me for a moment there. I thought I’d gotten lost and ended up somewhere else.


Darkened it a little in the light mode. Let me know if it helps.

Just don’t get stuck outside the wall after dark…

Big graphics. The monster sized header banner eats up a lot of real estate.

The light color theme makes it hard to see the notification count, player icon upper right.

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Setting the home page to Latest helps, discovered that just now.

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The font is too fat :persevere:. Can we put them on diet?
Also, please keep this


not being able to easily see my profile on mobile is unfortunate

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Yeah me too, where do i access my profile again?

Mobile is horrible to use now, the top bar is filled with useless links but doesn’t have a menu anymore, which was my main way of navigating to new and unread.

The default colour is pretty nauseating as well, once I can access my profile again I hope there’s a normal white in there still.

I do like that there’s a filter for pg posts now.


I don’t think anything about profiles was changed. You should still be able to access it the same way by tapping on your avatar in the top right, and then on your username. Screenshots and what device you’re on should help troubleshoot what’s going on.

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Can’t find it.

Android Chrome

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I managed to access it by switching to landscape.
In portrait the three links with contact, blog and privacy push the menu and profile off screen.

Please consider moving those to the bottom, nobody needs those links up there, especially not when they break core functions.

Also please please please add a normal white theme, this blue colour is really making me feel nauseous 10 minutes in.

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Oh I see, you’re in portrait mode. I’ve removed two of them so they shouldn’t push the main buttons off the screen in portrait.

Try switching to dark mode and see if that helps. I can see if we can get a plain vanilla version in terms of colors.

I think the contact us link still looks out of place and might still affect smaller devices, but yea is much better now.

Vanilla theme option would be nice tho !

Yeah, that is better :blush::+1:

Please keep them.
Or put the main buttons (blog, contact us, privacy) inside their own menu.

Using Landscape layout in Forum (mobile-wise) is a horrible experience. :pray::pray::pray:


OK, there’s one more theme called Frostwyrm that uses mostly the original out-of-the-box white theme JUST FOR YOU @Morreion. :axi:


Wow this freaked me out, thought someone put a fake forum site up :joy: I like the colors in both modes, feels nice and easy on my eyes. Using ebondrake now. With the links being smaller at the top, everything appears back to normal for me.

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