New Glitch in Atlas post un-shuffle

I have noticed a new glitch in Atlas after the un-shuffle happened few days ago .

My team has got a system mail twice saying Gustav has conquered your castle and evicted your team . Both these messages have been at different castles and on different days . The cords of both castles mentioned in the system mail were either invalid / out in the sea

*****The only common factor is that as a castle hits 9 days 23 hours and 53-54 mins left for upkeep to be paid , we got this message . ****

Both castles continue to be held by us with full set of guards and without issues .
Clearly , some code is messed up somewhere .

Looking at my upkeep times , i feel i will get another system message in 1-2 hours when another castle hits that 9 days 23 hours 53-54 minutes left to pay upkeep again . I will keep this thread updated if this happens .

@PGGalileo if this is a current issue , known or unknown , you may forward to your atlas team .

Is anyone else facing such glitches ??


Yes, upkeep is seriously messed up at the moment.

For example on one of our castles:

  • We paid upkeep during the shuffle period
  • When the map reverted, the game said upkeep had not been paid.
  • So we paid the upkeep again.
  • Now auto upkeep is taking payments, even though it is not due, and the upkeep due date has not changed.

So we’ve paid upkeep on one castle 3 times in the last 5 days; and I’ve got no confidence that I won’t wake up to gustav having taken it.

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Clients also noticed that upkeeps seemed off in the API, most have seemed to catch up so there’s some inconsistency in that error

in less than 10 mins , i expect another mail from Gustav . lets see if my prediction is right lol

In about 1 minute, and one of your castles on the shuffled map is going to get taken over by Gustav…

yes . it happened . and again , we fully own the castle . guards , shield and all included .
exact same time as i mentioned for upkeep to be due .

This is the state of those 3 castles on the shuffled map where upkeep has expired:

name              lvl      x      y  Element    upkeep    NML-E      depth
--------------  -----  -----  -----  ---------  --------  -------  -------
WintersAngels       3                Ice        -3.9mins  NML            0
FieryAngels         2                Fire       -1.8hrs   None           3
DarkDemons          2                Dark       -14.3hrs  NML            0

and this is the state on the current map:

name              lvl        x       y  Element    upkeep    NML-E      depth
--------------  -----  -------  ------  ---------  --------  -------  -------
WintersAngels       3                   Ice        10.0days  None           1
DarkDemons          2                   Dark       9.4days   None           2
FieryAngels         2                   Fire       9.9days   None           1

So looks like upkeep is expiring on the shuffled map.

(and in our case, we are paying auto-upkeep on the shuffled map)