New Gold Packs anyone else having issues?

Anyone else having issues using them?

When I use the pack it says gold is there but will not let me use it to build troops…
However, if I do a run on the mine I can then build troops. But then the amount shows what I opened with the pack and what was gained from the mine.

Yes there was another post about this in the forums, but it wasn’t it’s own thread yet… Hold on, let me find it…

Here we go:

I am having the same issue, as well

Is it working for anyone? I haven’t yet heard anyone could actually use the gold in the gold packs.

(Does not work for me no matter how patient I am or how man times I restart the game.)

I am having the same problem. Tried reinstalling but it didn’t help.
Very annoying.

No, they don’t work

I’ve already passed this to the Atlas Team to further investigate what is going on.


This issue should now be resolved. Please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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