New Hacker - offered via line chat


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I’ve been alerted to an individual on line chat trying to promote and sell hacks (not sure that’s the best way to describe it) I’ve had numerous private messages with screen shots showing me what they offer. Is there any way anything can be done? I have a name and screen shots, just not sure if you can do anything if it wasn’t offered in game.
I’ve advised people to block and ignore but I don’t want innocent people being caught in another ban wave.
Curly :blush:


If they use hacking services they are far away from being innocent…


:thinking: he might save me a lot of money especially after I get banned for use in his service he might be doing me a favor Although I have a problem giving out any personal information guess I’m safe


I was referring to the people being contacted, not the individual sending
everybody the messages


How would anyone who was contacted and DOESNT use these services be endangered to a ban?

If the individual contacts them and they say “yes” to his/her service they should of course be banned. And I hope they will.


One of the screen shots I have is one of my friends asking questions and
for more details. The person admits that it’s “risky”. If I was to send
that screen shot without people knowing that she was probing for info then
people could easily think she was interested.
I was writing the post to make people and pg aware…if people are saying
yes, more fool them and they deserve to be banned. Innocent people get
caught up in it 🤷


PM Arelyna and blur/block out your friend’s name?


Will do :ok_hand:


Yep! Best thing to do is PM me! I will check it shortly



If I was PG I’d actually get this guy to do something and see what he does and how he hacks the game. Just saying. @PGEggToken


:woman_facepalming: It’s already been reported. Why advertise for them?


Maybe they’re working together? Kidding kidding…sort of.


I’m sure said person is going to get a lot of PMs on Line now…:rofl:


But of course.
Welp, sarcasm aside… The screenshots seem to be pretty harmless… ‘BadAssKitty’ would just be the screen name, not Line ID so no way to actually contact them (especially considering it’s not in-game). And nothing like a web site or other way of contacting him/her was provided. This honestly looks to just be a scam, no hacker would be so clueless as to openly advertise to random people and make it plainly obvious what they’re able to do. And something as potentially big as this I’m sure @pgCampusLifer / those that look into cheats/hacks would have already caught wind of.


I’ve pm’d all relevant information to Arelyna. If i get any more, I’ll forward that on.
I was annoyed that they used my chat as a space to get the contacts to be able to send this message to people.
I’ve had a crazy amount of pm’s and chat exploded with screen shots. At least 300 people have seen or had this message. Just hope nobody is stupid enough to take it further.
I’ve just advised to block them 🤷


Never invite people into group chats unless you know who they are in-game.


You underestimate the script kiddies’s stupidity :see_no_evil:


Is this the same chat where the discounted packs were offered a while ago?


I wanna get those 6k misticks… if anyone could explain me what that is :grin: