New Hacker - offered via line chat


Mystic fragments? :eyes: just guessing


I’ve seen loaders. Which should all be banned. But this one just looks like a scam. No way to transfer items like that I know of. Who knows. Maybe another glitch? :eyes:


My whole team received that same msg in line app yesterday I sent a copy. To admin cuz I. Wasn’t sure if they knew about it for sure I guess they do sorry I’m so slow lol


What no 300k xp wtf Must be a pretty poor hacker :rofl:


What is a loader? I don’t care who is and how it’s done. Thanks


It’s someone who sells packs at a discounted rate. I don’t know how they do it. I know there’s a few different ways. All of them can get you banned if you use them. They all should get you banned imo. I’ve seen them more common in Game or War and Mobile Strike.


I’m starting to think it’s quite common in this game


NoMercyHarv makes me drool :drooling_face:. Not the avatar but the level. Will he be the first to hit 600? :hushed:


He’s a great asset in helping them always get second place. I agree with your assessment :slight_smile:


I’d lmao if it’d turn out that Harv is a 16 year old Chinese hacker :joy::joy::joy::joy:


12 would be even funnier.


Bahaha TOS what’s that :joy::clown_face:


If you want see his messages crying about being solod every day, you may realize that 16 isn’t far fetched





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