New help request

Im not sure if if anyone else has posted about the new style help tickets or not, but I am not a fan. It seems like overkill just to post, for one, and on top of that being a central hub for multiple games. But where i draw concern from is that with the new system, replies to the tickets take far to long to recieve a response. On my last ticket, it took a week just to get an initial response. It has now been over 16 days since my reply to that response and i have recieved no follow up.
Its one thing to be told to screw off and you cant be helped. But to be ignored completely seems like the best way to lose any loyal customers in any sort of business model.

Are you on android?

If so click on any news message and (help) and this will take you to the in game help chat. It should take 2-6hrs to get a response on average.

That zendesk website the usual help button takes you too is a bit random and very hit and miss.

(Image from @ZeroDucksGvn )

I will definitely try that. But the old chat would force close the game if i tried to attach any screenshots or videos. This one at least allows me too. Seems that if youre going to implement a new request procedure it shouldnt leave you without a reply. But ill hit them up there see what they say. Thanks

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