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Hi all, i’m a new player, started 4 days ago and still low level (10).
I want to learn how to play the game well, which dragons to use and which not, not only at mid or end game but also now that i am just starting. I do believe in a good defense so for now i’m focussing more on my island than my dragons, so any advice on that is also very welcome.

Looking for a team that is willing to help me learn and grow stronger together.

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Welcome in WD!

Here are two useful tips I was told for base building:

  1. Don’t build any towers past the first block of 10 slots. You should only have 2 farms, 2 mills and 6 offensive towers. Among those 6 are two mages (one red and one blue). So that leaves 4 towers and you should only upgrade these ones

  2. Dont build ballistas

Regarding dragons, follow Red s best breeding guide. It will help you to breed the best dragons for your level at the lowest cost (Kinnara should be your beast right now then it’s going to be Arborius once you reached lvl 17)

Good luck to find a team! You can use the search function on your hall as well


Thank you. I am working on Kinnera en Fenrir. THey are by far the strongest straight out of the egg.

I just gained the ballista but have not build it yet, now i won’t although there is a quest ofr it that gives rubees. I will look up Red’s guide.

Thank you for the information i can work with this.


Check out Lynchpins… Gold 2 on way to Gold 1. Committed and active team with senior members committed to helping new fliers grow and succeed.

welcome to the wonderous world of war dragons! I have been told that people grow like flowers in my team if you wanna check us out :sunglasses:

build the ballista for the ruby quest and then just put it in storage it’s not worth upgrading or keeping it out


Hi there :slight_smile: come check out my team!

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Hi! Still looking for a team?! Vendettanators would love to have you! We are very helpful and will do our best to have you grow fast and learn the ropes!l

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