New hunter spell idea: Energy Renewal

Each tower destroyed would just be an interesting mechanism. If it was just a straight up regeneration boost, it would simply be a havoc style spell with more tapping.

There are only two spells that affect hunter energy as far as I know. Lightspeed, which has the audacity to decrease the damage while boosting the regen rate, and Consume, which increases the regen rate to refill the bar after emptying it to heal. It would be nice to have more variety, which hopefully could introduce new strategies.

:fire::fire::fire: Another seperate spell idea :fire::fire::fire:

2 rage Blue

Hunter is given an infinite number of shots for a very short duration, 1.5 seconds.

Your damage would only be limited by how fast you tap. This one could be fun on farms, and just wiping out towers as you round a corner. However, it would be less reliant on any kind of strategy, and more on fast reflexes. :joy:


Dessicating Lightning: I just do not think this spell works :confused:.

As for Anger, it sounds just like a supercharged havoc. I think it is not well balanced.

Not to mention it’s a 5 tower sanding spell, and if you hit a monument you get a free bounce?

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Death bolt: 1 rage no cooldown white lightning bound 4 times and apply death gaze to any tower hit (rune +2 bound)
Chill throat: 2 rage blue spell, make each hunter shot become a mini freeze shot, 2 second duration
Extreme replenish: passive, instantly full energy bar after each 3 seconds
Flak-counter: passive, return 100% damage of flak shot

Guys, please do not spam this post with other spell suggestions. I posted this for others to critique my spell suggestion. Go ahead and make a seperate post for you own spells, please.

PS. Please take into consideration the term balance. When you make a spell, make sure it not only has strengths, but also weaknesses. Make sure this balance is comparable to other existing spells.


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ok the other comment of mine is just a joke
about energy renewal like healing mark, in total the amount of damage you can do is just double which is equal or less than chaos/havoc. However, the damage per second is lower than chaos as it takes longer to execute many thing

OP, I like the sound of that spell. Something new, something interesting. Could be utilized very strategically.

As for the rest of the suggested spells… please, no…

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You are assuming it would be only one mark…

And if it were a mark spell, it would be 1 rage.

tell me your ideal strategy when you approach normal defended kill island (red blue storm flak, 1 other tower)

Use Necryx…

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i edited my initial ideas

and your spell that replenishes the hunters bar would be great as a mark or as a yellow spell that activates every island, @DerangedSkrill

Just for comparison. Both Equestor and Moonfang has rage regen boost as passive abilities.
I guess, recovering a few ammo (1-3) when a building is destroyed is not too OP… (as passive or runes)

And how many fingers used. I believe many (probably most) players use more than one finger on hunter (perhaps some use 5 or more…).

Yellow spell would be a bit lazy.

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Then there is using multiple fingers on one tower…

Go ahead and move your spell ideas to a new thread, please.

They did :+1:

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