New idea for alternative lumber uses

To get right to the point, we have a way to use food outside of feeding dragons, but we don’t have a way to burn up wood aside from giving it away.

My idea is since the incubator is in theory cooking a dragon egg with fire, is to implement a tiered way to fuel the incubator with wood to reduce its hatch time.

For example, a sapphire dragon could start at say 1m wood to reduce it by a day. Once you reach the first day, the next day reduction would require double the amount of wood as the previous requirement, and so on and so forth. You could also maybe limit the boost to a certain number of times per 24 hour period.

Other tiered dragons could be scaled accordingly.

What’s everyone think?


still want a termite dragon. :wink:


I like it. I would certainly be motivated to fly more and gather more lumber if it could reduce hatching times, and it seems like it wouldn’t cause any significant balance issues.


I like the idea

Yes! Or some sort of beaver that uses wood instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh you mean like Beaveemp!

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Yes perfect :joy:

I’m sticking with using lumber to build troops in atlas instead of gold. That would be a real winner IMO.


But in this cases those troops would be automatons or golems… Interesting idea I must admit… (I don’t have Atlas just saying)

I like this idea. Anything that helps me get rid of wood I’m in favor of lol :joy:


Bump lol

Still wish we could use lumber instead of gold to build troops.

This is old I know but still a solid idea. One of the neat aspects of the perches is that you have a place to dump food should you choose to do so. With so much fire around we really should have some pyre or something to toss lumber onto. Heck, throw one of the whales on a spit for a dragon barbecue and let us feed wood into it (the fire not the whale). Hopefully something like this is on the radar.

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