New Idea for Atlas - Permanently Owned Land

Yes Being on two different teams, with each being very differently setup in Atlas, i can see the frustration of teams that are not able to take any land and/or hold land against these other well developed teams.

First, I’d like to ask some questions. How many areas of conquerable land are there in atlas? How many TOTAL teams will be entered into atlas once it is released to everyone planned? Once it is totally open to everyone planned how many areas of land will be open?

The reason i ask these questions is because I want to see if it would be possible to make individual areas of land only ownable by a single team and not able to be attacked my other teams. The idea comes from the visual of Conquer The World Event and how the land of each team never can be totally taken away. I understand how safe zones are kind of like this but they are conquerable nor do they give any boosts or all the accommodations that come from owning an island. I don’t know all the numbers but i think it would be helpful to either have a team Home Island that is invulnerable to being attacked period or a Team Area (piece of land) that can be entered by other teams but cannot be attacked. Depending on how many individual safe zone islands there are maybe we could make those ownable by specific teams and have the below conditions apply to a certain extent.

I say that these areas of land cannot be attacked but that is subject to change. Instead you could make it so that any attackers of that land have a severely decreased attack stat or the occupying team has an extreme boost in defense. Another thing that could be done would be to make it so any outside team to land on that island(or islands if were has permanent team land) would never be able to leave unless their troops are all gone, there are no troops of the occupying team, or they are on the safe passage list(which should be able to have a small number of teams on it 2-4).

Please give your thoughts on this PG I’d like to see if this could help those team that are getting Atlas but are forced to just sit in safe zones while the top teams are getting thousands of egg tokens a day just for owning more land than they have team members.

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This was discussed previously.

Haven concept

Think Doc had a post on it somewhere.

As to the other question, at the moment there are roughly 6 areas per team available

Here’s a link to a fairly detailed recent discussion about the haven idea (and other matters, but haven generates a good bit of discussion).

I searched Haven and found it. Thanks @Gox1201

This is a good example of having the following thread a priority.

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