New idea for events

I’m new in here, first time posting, so I’ll try to keep it short n sweet! I have an idea for events that I’ve been dwelling on for a while now. Some events are long and boring, which seem to drag on forever!! Like breeding, feeding, n fortification events. We definitely do not need 5 days to accomplish our goal. I would suggest changing around the weekly event format, only 2 days for breeding, feeding, and fortification events, say Sunday and Monday, followed by 3 days PVP event, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Skip the one day of treasure hunt, that’s a waste of time. That will keep the events moving fast, and fun! Not drag out for a whole week! And don’t cut down the prize amounts because of it, keep them the same! I’m so sick of only being able to get 1 or 2 divine dragons every season! I want them all!! Lol. Give us the ability to get more dragons to higher levels, so we can continue to enjoy the game, for a long time to come… Thanks all, happy flying!

Man, I’m gonna tag the @moderators and suggest you use the search function

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I think what really will be nice is to avoid holding progress and simply get prizes for lvling up and breeding without events.
Aka,lvl up one lvl and get X number of chests immediately (based on number of speedups which you spent)
Same with breeding
Get rid of feeding permanently
And make more PVP events
Bring in single player war events,like assault,so there will be no atlas shields permanently
More fun in game,less routine with holding back progression

They can even bring some new future in PVP which will make team work better
Let’s say,make team quests give team bonus (like if)
So if team is really active,they will be able to get permanently daily boost if everyone in team will max all quests
Does it sound nice?

Bring assault without divine dragons
Make it really hard to max
Give Mythic rage glyphs for maxing it.

I believe this will solve issue with over lvling base just for points
And wasting tokens for nothing,of you have all dragons


Sounds like the atlas season :nerd_face: literally rewarded for gains

Why no?
I personally see 0 fun in fort events
And 0 fun in holding back progress
I have another game on my phone and I really love the they have same practice,which PG tested
Prizes for lvling up
So you don’t need to hold back and not feeling stuck for weeks.

I don’t disagree with you Dari :joy: I assume you refer to lineage how you get rewards every 5 or 10 levels… I actually think atlas being so free reign and constantly getting rewards for the effort you putting in is great, having a constant breed and fort event with weekends being for pvp would be great I think, and make seasons a lot cheaper possibly

Hehe,yep. I actually won’t be dramatic and say that I’m gonna quit.
Opposite,I think we can use some fun experience from other games and adapt it to WD
I really love 3 things there,which I’d be happy to see in WD as well
1)different battle modes (can be events)
2)lvling up with permanent event
3)special team activity(aka teammates doing quests and donating coins to team,which will give them buffs. Originally there leader can buy choosen boost,which will depends on team “ranking”,which based on activity of each member in sum) I love everything,which includes teamwork,because WD is based on social activity more,then anything

Oh! Also I absolutely adore ability to do routine quests on auto-play
Maybe we can have it for invaders?:heart_eyes:
Maybe we can buy it with gold?:joy_cat:

And badges! Looove it!
I wish we could have small icon near our names,based on time,which we’ve been playing(small hint PG)* cough cough * ppl loves shiny things :speak_no_evil::heart: Maybe we even can get special portraits for 4-3-2-1 years universary in game :eyes: @Arelyna

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Yes we do need 5 days for every one of those events especially breeding

This has been said by many others but anyway Save your time on suggestions or ideas they do not listen.

If anything PVP points should be lowered and knock a day off that!


Oh gosh, this sounds painfully like the dragon olympics which absolutely sucked. I vote a bit NO on this idea :unamused:

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I would genuinely cry myself to sleep if the breeding event got shortened. Or the Fort for that matter.


Have you ever encountered funny (cheap) (back)breeds? Let me show you one:

Offspring Parent Parent Tokens
Ursa Gorgonus Hauheset 100,450
Mehaten Frostbiter Ursa 19,501
Avalanche Scorchil Mehaten 100,450
Anapa Avalanche Frostbiter 8,750

Oopsie, that’s two. But as you can see, these dragon can be bred in pairs. Those 5 days are needed to raise the more expensive to get the cheaper one.


It takes approximately 90 minutes to nicely deplete the whole WDWorld’s lumber stocks. We definitely need those days to actually achieve something. WE = all the active players.

You seem to have forgotten that the players are scattered around the planet, have different schedules, real life occupation, real life to begin with…
and not everyone tends to be there when these events go live around 10pm GMT. On a Wednesday night. For some players it’s past midnight… Some players work on Thursday and Friday, and can truly devote to an event during the weekend.

I don’t know about your team, but what I experienced in my team and have seen elsewhere: Forti and Feed can be really nicely done if the team members work together. Everyone does their own business, but the bigger players also assist the little ones, prioritise them. To get everyone what they need and planned: we surely need 4 days. The fifth is just a bonus to make sure everything’s achieved.

Oh, I might add:

I haven’t even checked if there’s anything else in the game during these events that requires the players’ attention, and that’s a mistake! What I mean is Atlas. Or just a war… Think about it for a second! How much time does it normally take to conquer a castle? Or to do waves in war? Or to defend when the enemy is waving you for hours?

I never ever wish anyone to have a 48 hour fortification frenzy with an attack on their castle and 2 meaningful wars, for 2 days in a row.

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If they want to create a real flyers event, then have a set roster, everyone uses the same dragons. No riders. Any add ons the player wants to add if they have in their inventory.

Use bases similar to the ones for shrine guardians and boom. A pure flyer event.


For equal power level, may I suggest all red tier common dragons?

I think @Grumpybigbird was suggesting it be more like “rented dragons” rather than ones you actually own :upside_down_face:


Yep. Set roster for everyone. No advantages except obviously if you’ve flown it before.

See who’s the best out there. Global leaderboard.


I have a sneaky suspicion my score would be rather average :joy: I’m not a dragon whispering savant like @Lutrus :sweat_smile:

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Practise with Hau, and it will change everything! Trust me, she changed my world. And for the better :wink:

I tried her and got frustrated trying to learn her nuances :see_no_evil: I died a lot more often than I got brilliant runs.

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Now I’m scared of getting her :see_no_evil:
Wonder how far my progress will be halted due to lack of timers

Be prepared to have no timers left :joy: the ones you earn through Atlas will be used up forging new heal potions :rofl:

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I vote No. With all the rss raiding I need the last 2 days.

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