New ideia for the game

this is my idea for you every time I’m out of the game if I get sms from being attacked in the war or events I come on time. If I enter, they will not let me defend. I propose that you add to the game this bonus of being able to defend if you are not online in the game.

Hmm. How would that work?


Do you mean having your team defend you?


It work like these whene you get the notification of get in atack it will aloud you to get in time to defend your self

That would require mind reading on the part of PG. Right now you get the notification that allows you to go online and at least save your resources.

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That seems highly complicated taking in consideration if you are able to log in in enough time, most likely the attacker would be around 20% done with the base (at least).

So, when attacking someone you’ll need to wait 20-30s just to start the attack every time JIC they want to defend? Sounds like a lot more time invested in the game for multi attacks, MUCH less RSS gained from raids and wars would be an absolute mess. I’ve wanted this too, but can’t think of how it works better than the current system

I see no reason for this to be a feasible idea. It would impact an asininely small number of people. During non RSS events, RSS are currently far past abundant. So it doesn’t make sense really. And in wars, there’s only a small amount of bases outside of Diamond that this would help with for wars, and honestly it wouldn’t matter to those teams because they’re already Prepared to defend. And it brings no real value to most of the player base and it makes Pg $0. So…

Just be on a team that will defend your rss. Or get rid of all of your rss before you log off.

It pays to play… If you want to be offline you suffer the penance of it. So I suggest you get some duct tape and strap your device to your wrist like a watch with war dragons always open. This way you never miss an oppertunity


You play you defend, you don’t play whatever happens happens. Simple

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