New invalid attack message 😎 simple fix nicely done

i like this a lot :+1:


Yes! Kudos to PG. Got one of those yesterday, was truly shocked. Nice to see my energy and resources not wasted.

yes they truly made a good change on that

Thx @PGJared and his crew

My teammate hopped on and used an Inner Fire and my teammate’s IF wasn’t refunded

Yesterday I was leading an attack with my alt and following with my main. I used a baby dragon with no boosts and just swapped out. My alt had no IF, so I equipped it on the backup dragon only, together with attack and health boosts.
The message that popped up on my alt’s screen said that I had been refunded of 4 energy, 1 attack boost, 1 health boost and 1 IF.

So I think the attack leader gets refunded for all items, including those used by teammates joining them.

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if your team mate used an IF while assisting you and the attack became invalid, it goes to the lead attacker

so if 4 IF was used, then the lead attacker will get 4 IF

I love this new feature as well! :slight_smile::+1:

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