New Invoker Concepts

It’s not a personal concern, but I’ve seen people griping over the lack of variety in what an invoker’s invoke shot does, so I figured I’d start a thread for players to posit ideas on their ideal invoke shot functions and hopefully foster a source from which the developers could gain some inspiration.

If you have any new, innovative ideas, place them in the reply space below and let’s set the stage for a more diverse playing experience!


Poison damage, Applies rage/heal marks, Stuns and debuffs towers in area, Increases health/some form of damage reduction for each invoke shot, and Mind-control.

There’s only so much “new stuff” you can add to shots.


I’ve heard of a cycling invoke, loved that idea.

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Yes that sounds cool but I’d hope that it would have a fast reload

As much as I like the idea of coming up with something different I’ve gotta ask something, which Hunter, Warrior or Sorcerer does something different with their breath? (Excluding the use of spells)

I do get where you’re coming from but surely invoke shots shouldn’t do much else other than destroy a tower or damage multiple? Anything other than that would likely be too weak unless it’s backed up by powerful spells like Ikaros and Nebulon but them spells essentially do exactly what another Invokers invoke shot does so it’s redundant

Invoke aspects are spells. That is their main design intention, to cast a spell after each volley of ammo. The breath is the 3 shots. I think it’d work.


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