New Kingdom Wars is impossible to play

  • Extremely laggy
  • Freezes
  • Blank loading screen for region
  • Number of bases controlled in overview does not sync with the number of bases cleared in the bases page (lag?)
  • Any action takes 5 minutes with no guarantee of the page loading
    … i could go on, but you get the gist.


  • Newest glitch is teams at the other end of the map “controlling 29 bases” on a minor adjacent to ours

Almost everyone on my team and LC seems to be experiencing the same. How do we proceed?


yea honestly the event needs to be put on hold until it gets fixed… I haven’t been able to even get in, takes minutes to load only to crash after one or two actions.


I can’t even… need to crash my phone right know…

Incompetence at its finest. Anyone have any other games they play. Ready to dump this turd.


Me and most of my team mates can’t play too no pve bases or keep freezes

Dear Pocket Gems, please stop fixing shit.


exactly the same, takes an age to load, you do an attack and its invalid and then the game crashes and you have to reboot.

You mark 1 region and then try a second and it crashes, needing reboot

should have tested this out properly before letting it go live.

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@PGGalileo could we pause the event till it works smoother? I’m sure no one will complain if PvP is shortened by a day? :zipper_mouth_face:… or just give us sigils and drop atlas shields :grin:

After 5 minutes of loading - Region screen says “29 bases controlled” for blackbloods… :woman_shrugging:

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eh. some needs all the time they can get to hit the 450k prize.

this is blatant bullshit

Every base you hit
The points add up like shit

Every run you do, even Raiding too…
This event is screwed.

Every single day
Every time you pay

Every game you play
Every base you slay…

This event is screwed


Oh can’t you seeeeeee, this is just PG

How my poor heart aches… with every change they make

This event is screwed.


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At this rate, more time doesn’t help…

Worst event ever!

i know the fix tho…

450k prizes for every single player.

next step is deletion of Event and out the windooww it goes


Stop carnage, stop this event and fix it or rollback to old version.

Please … HOLD the event and FIX the interface first … My team is suffer we cant hit territorys … This is imposible to play right now …

Instead of just explaining how I can’t hit any of the bases, (Hexes that claim no guild controls them). Yet when I open the list the bases either won’t load or say 1/1500 hp claiming that they ARE under control. :face_with_monocle: Please pause this event this is a severely unfair advantage to those who can’t attack or can’t enter event at all. :frowning:

Dear Pocket Gems, please stop fixing shit.

“fix” is a strong word.

They make it so you either have to spend a lot of money or spend a TON of time playing to be competitive and then they pull this . You try to put in your time but it ends up not counting I have to tell you this is so frustrating…


They make it so you either have to spend a lot of money or spend a TON of time playing to be competitive

If your pockets are deep enough, you can just pay your way to literally everything. Buy sigils and rubies then put in the time applying them and you can easily make your way to Diamond I