New land: How can any platinum team catch up?

Wouldn’t it make sense to encourage growth and competition by creating a way to level the playing field, to some degree, for teams that aren’t Diamond or Sapphire level?
Opening up new land to only the upper leagues drives a wedge between Sapphire and Platinum and discourages ambitious teams from trying to push forward to gain ground on this lopsided game.
The teams with the most power already have a massive upper hand by being able to control level 4 and 5 castles which allows those teams to receive superior payouts.
Now the divide will widen when only the upper teams will get a chance to hit free castle guards and gain massive glory and also hold more higher level castles and increase the superiority of their already lucrative payouts.
Perhaps Upper tier teams should have higher breeding costs since they get such lucrative payouts? Higher building costs?
The continuous nearsighted revisions to this game will be the death of this game.


Hey I’d love 100% glory targets from plat teams, but I don’t think that’s wise for anyone. Restricting access is also another step at restricting the 50 team swarms

The best for the best. If you’ve worked the hardest you should earn the most. If you invest the most money into a business, you should earn the most profits, simple logic.

So what’s the point of having higher rewards if you don’t get to use them?

There’s nothing stopping you from taking abandoned castles like we have. You don’t have to be a diamond team to kill 2K guards.


Oh I don’t like whats coming after my message.
The dark side.

I understand that idea but there are teams and players who have organically risen up through the ranks, and work their asses off to advance naturally, and are being punished for their league standing. Not every player in Sapphire and Diamond worked hard to be there; not every player below Sapphire is a slacker.

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Pandora’s box was opened when they first limited access to Atlas and gave benefits that were useable in main game. If they’d had Atlas only features benefits, the divide wouldn’t exist for main-gamers. I’d never have bothered with Atlas at all, of course, and I suppose that was the point - to push people to Atlas and greater spending.

The real issue is newer players who start out in gold and platinum, will face that increasing divide. They are trading the short term monetization of their remaining high-paying player base for game longevity, I believe. Tick, tock.


Don’t think I said that, nor would I say that


Exactly. I understand that probably 5% of the players generate 90% of the profits, but does the other 10% of the profit mean nothing? And does the unhappiness of 80% of the player base mean nothing? All so 5% can get unrealistically lopsided benefits? And in turn nobody can ever catch up because the divide is so great

U need to hang in there for time being… If everything goes well and the new lands are working … PG will add the platinums as per their announcement later on in a phased manner. Now just grab a popcorn :popcorn: and see the diamond and Sapphire teams beat each other up. Make notes if u can. U will have first hand insights when u get access to it .

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Not picking on you paradise but have to respond to that :man_shrugging::crazy_face:

Been waiting 5 years……:+1:

Define working…… just what do you expect this “expansion” to accomplish……?

They will add platinum when the elimination this detrimental feature causes engagement to fall and revenue with it ……

You get to watch them eliminate more good players and teams to provide a tiny short lived burst of conflict…. :popcorn: :dollar:

You will know to avoid it at all costs because you like your team and you wouldn’t subject them to unbalanced engagement and the elimination it will produce……


How can any platinum team “catch up”?

I’d answer for PG, but they’d prolly take offense. Pretty sure they’d say “spend more”.

We were a G1 team less than a year ago :eyes:


war them up to get to sapphire… so you can access the new map… if you cant move up to sapp… how can you compete on the new map??


Well europe players also lucked out - we were sleeping when the pvp was activated. :woman_shrugging:

Many platinum teams are absolute garbage. They have a small core of players or they are just an alt team for higher league players and used as gate meatshields.

Find 50 active plat players, get them on one team and you can easily go saph 3. You will find many saph3 teams are inactive and weak as well.

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theres like 300 castles that can be taken by a 4 person wave. this is not a good excuse. want one? go get it.


This was a reply to the one writing this complaining that plats missed out on a lot of glory hitting blackbloods in the initial land rush - I merely replied that so did europe players.


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I mean you can get level 4 castles in old lands, maybe even a level 5. They are pretty common :sweat_smile:

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Yup pretty common….if you are ranked in the top 100 or backed by a powerful alliance. Or maybe if you want an exposed castle that gets your level 400s getting hit constantly by 600s….good reasoning though

And ummm what exactly would you expect to happen in the new lands? :rofl::rofl::rofl: You think it would be different?

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