New land--or why this is going to be "fun"

And this was trying repeatedly for about 20 minutes while no one is doing anything.

And… It took just under 4 minutes for the region to load enough so that I could even do something, like actually tell a prime to move and have it do nothing.

I’m excited.

Are you?


Was just thinking this. This is gonna make or break the land grab.


Oh wow so you’re saying you can actually bring up the island detail screen!!
I usually just get a spinning loading message endlessly :joy:


Me too :cry:

But don’t worry. This is an improvement :roll_eyes:

Has Atlas reopened now?

exactly what I’m expending… 20 minutes to load the map and another 20 hours to finally input your destination… time will tell!

Waiting for “ohh you guys are so negative” or “bring your negativity to somewhere else”


Edit: this are for those who takes our unfavourable feedback the wrong way

Zero negativity here, just setting my expectations :slight_smile:

Yep. That’s another way seeing it.


I cannot move.
I cannot attack.
I cannot assign troops.
I cannot change my home.

I’d like to think PG was surprised by the sudden demand on resources when releasing new land… But I know for a fact that is impossible. Players have been saying for weeks (probably months) that this would happen.

And it did.

What a surprise.

It’s Friday night, and the steakhouse is full. The lousy service, they blame on the busyness… Oh. You didn’t expect to have customers?

Im.too angry right now… So. I don’t really want to say anything I will regret tomorrow.

This land grab is basically the biggest avoidable failure in the history of Atlas, and maybe of the game… It cannot be made fair after the fact, and it has consequences that will go on for a very long time.

Not sure what PG was thinking, but they certainly didn’t listen to anyone who had any idea what might happen when the most precious commodity in the game “opens up” for the taking.

Thanks for ruining my night.

Hopefully someone on my team gets to claim something… Maybe a level 2 NMO doesn’t want any more.


Last comment…

What exactly will be announced? How will this be fixed fairly? If you got land, you should get to keep it… If you got way point errors for 45 minutes… Well, that shouldn’t have happened. But since you cannot know what “might have happened” how do you set it right?

I don’t have an answer for that after the fact.

My answer would have been… Ensure this doesn’t happen.

Plan with your alliance for weeks, build up a bunch of troops, sit there waiting for Atlas to reopen and BAM PG strikes again! Nothing for you or anyone in your alliance because of 400+ players maybe 10 can move. In the meantime, one team gets access BEFORE anyone else because PG says 5:30 PST but means 5:30 PST +/- 5-10 minutes and doesn’t say that. Great job as always by PG. I’d like to congratulate them on the LARGEST screw up that I can recall! Just another wonderful string of BS from PG. Needless to say, they won’t be getting anymore money from me. I even disconnected my credit card from my account so I have to do extra work to buy anything and this’ll most definitely make me thing twice before reaching for my wallet and doing all the work of entering it again


Only decent thing to do would be to reset everything to just prior to the launch, fix their sh*t and try again. But PG will never do that… :man_shrugging:

You actually got a response?!?! I put in a ticket over an hour and a half ago and still waiting for my “we know about the issue” response.

Attacks aren’t even counting anymore…

They will come in…oh 4 hours.

Is there anything going to be done about all the hacked gold flowing about?

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Hacked gold?

You don’t mean like magically maxed infrastructure do you?

That would be rather consequential. For everyone.

It would be crazy if you could hack gems. Convert it to gold on a separate team. Then send it to your main team or just have the hacked account. Thank god none of that is possible. Good thing Hilary Clinton won the election as well.