New lands Overview - Kingdom Wars 1.0

Ok these are just my overall opinions on the new lands feel free to add constructive ideas, problems, etc.

I think ultimately it is a shiny new toy with loads of flaws -

  • No real difference between t6 and t5 - can upgrade t5 infrastructure, like maybe season points, but wtf is really going to get too 5 that isn’t there already.
  • Passage still works just gives your prim 30 seconds delay when moving to that castle
  • and linked to above 5ta get the delay when moving to a 5ta castle, how silly
  • Layout is pretty horrible, there are still 4-5 bubble deep castles, and lots with one access entry not two (I can still see bigger teams on gates with teams who shouldn’t hold 100 percent glory castles behind them)
  • castles will have way too many guards when loaded up to the max, it is in the old map too, either have all guards easy or have a marshal and have under 500k max.
  • linked to the above marshals are too high, no team should be able to have a huge base as marshal with so many guards
  • Mega alliances still exist, 80 percent maybe more of teams in the areas won’t hit each other and there really is no mechanics introduced to make the mega alliance hit each other, just means that mega alliance will have all loaded to the max guards and won’t be conquerable by teams who actually hit them, but teams not in that alliance can’t have too many guards or they will be raided by up to 80 percent of the players in the game.
  • Low ranked teams with one or two huge accounts can put them on marshal and have 3.5-4 mil guards of that caliber on the castle to try and conquer it (if marshals exist maybe needs to be the average base or something of the team)
  • Devalues any decent castles in the old area, t2s t3s are basically worthless even t4s in the old area are worth a lot less, fun of the game is hitting castles and protecting and losing castles, basically I see no way the new lands provides this, after the first initial land grab week, castles will be built basically too hard to conquer, and mega alliances will be most of the ownership of them all.
  • i think there are too many high tiered castles in the areas, need to be less and need to kill mega alliances in the areas and then you get the battles
    Add to my list
  • how the lands was brought into game, there was no warning pg just brought them in suddenly so a lot of teams were late to the party or didn’t even attend to grabbing any of the castles and then putting maintenance bubbles up and letting teams stack castles was insane. Like they should have given a time when the lands were going to be open for everyone with enough notice that teams can prepare and either let people see the layout before hand but not move anywhere there or have the layout pop up as a surprise at that time, should not have been randomly brought in. I believe I remember reading somewhere that the new lands would be installed and be invisible for a bout a day and then opened for everyone, like pg really should have given an exact time they would have given everyone access

Pics or it didn’t happen :joy:

Funny because I saw people comping about there being too many castles with 5K guards

This map wasn’t made to get rid of mega alliances. I certainly prefer it/it’s features over the regular map personally

Point me to these and I’ll fix it for you

I agree, I’d like to see the amount cut in half


As i said above castles with low guards are not in a certain mega alliance and will be conquerable, castles that are in the mega alliance which is like 80 percent of teams in area won’t hit each other and will have max guards with max base protecting the guards, and as I’ve been told supposably PG or the game only wants elite fliers or cheaters to fly max loaded bases defended, so htf are the castles going to be conquerable by the majority of sapphire and diamond teams?


I know this will sound nuts but I almost wish the parameters were set more tightly (for New Lands).

:gem:Diamond 1: can only fight on and own 6s
:gem:Diamond 2: can only fight on and own 6s
:blue_heart:Sapph 1: can only fight on and own 5s
:blue_heart:Sapph 2-3: can only fight on and own 4s

:cyclone:Make them ALL accessible.
:cyclone:If you conquer one, 100k guards are automatically hired (to prevent teams from just sitting on them gaining bonuses but not actually sacrificing anything)
:cyclone:Decrease the max guards on all of them to 1.5m (or less).
:cyclone:Decrease shield times-- 8 hour shield duration (cause, sorry, the game needs to be much more healthy to allow people to get sufficient sleep!)
:cyclone:Cool downs: 3 hours


Two examples ones a 3 bubble deep t3
The others a one entry 2 b t5, 3b t5, 4b t4 and a 4b t4

Lots of other examples just look around the map


My problem is imo there are way too many high tiered castles for these leagues way too many to have much fighting to be done, and how easy it will be to get egg tokens now really takes a lot of the fun of conquering and losing castles away from atlas, like t2s and t3s are basically obsolete

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I also do think you have a good point where maybe one island could be for platinum to sapphire and the other for sapphire to diamond

Have t2, t3s and a select few t4s on the platinum one
And the t4, t5 and t6 on the other one

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Our team got some, I just find the whole setup ridiculous tbh, like no real need to conquer in area really, and it will just all settle when teams hire guards and the only turnover will be teams being sniped too much by the top ta in game and pirates.

I think pg really didn’t overly think about the small things related to the lands or really the larger implications of it, just figured something new and shiny will excit everyone and they will get more money, instead the long term that needs to be controlled and restricted and forced by pg, falls upon players and teams to police and decide again, which means mega alliances will prevail


The vast majority of castles don’t seem to have any significant number of guards, protected by primarchs with low numbers of troops. Apart from the extra egg tokens per day I’m still failing to see the point of it all.


Main benefit of new map is that castle co ord decimal places improved from 1 decimal place precision to 12 decimal places.

Massive gains. Total game changer. Why are more people not talking about this?

Screenshot_20220818-215544_Samsung Internet


I really don’t think pg really thought too hard about the implications of it, they need to fix mechanics and put restrictions on teams of who they hit, and make them have to hit teams that are in a mega alliance in, then have less castles and you’ll get the wars you want

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Bingo! Couldn’t agree more. Adding more castles only increased activity for a few days due to the land grab and sniping of overloaded prims players forgot to unload once the initial guard munch was over. The result will be even less motivation to Atlas due to the higher rewards, as modest as they are. In the end, no one cares, except maybe for (i) gold and plat teams who may be even further behind and (ii) pirates and privateers, who have an even greater selection of empty castles to keep empty, while gaining the rewards of castle ownership.

The sad thing is that this should not have been a surprise to PG. They were told exactly how this would play out within minutes of the announcement (and probably before the announcement to the extent that they consulted the GPF). Their incapability to see past the first move is mind-boggling.


Their incapability to see past the first move is par for the course. We’ve come to expect no more of them


It produced a short burst of engagement followed by stagnation……
Exactly as predicted :man_shrugging:Yes ironically long before the announcement was even made lol

It solved nothing and created a short and sadly repetitive burst of engagement that only produces elimination and devalues engagement elsewhere on the map.
Yep…….called it again and now I get to watch the elimination I unfortunately know it will produce!
Its nothing more than a consolidation of unbalanced engagement and conflict into a smaller territory that will produce even more efficient elimination between the smallest and most active sections of the player base……:man_facepalming:
You can not force conflict Pg you need a actual objective……


no one has max guards on these castles lol

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I dont mind the layout of having castles that arent as deep. I think everyone should have the opportunity to be able to reach whatever team they would like to hit. But the map is not laid out how it was portrayed that it would be. I found one castle that was still 7 bubbles deep. I couldnt even tell you if theres a castle that has more than 800k guards. Majority are being held by less than 10k guards. yet these teams earn the same amount of rewards as teams that “risk” more. Possibly if they based bonuses off of how many guards you actually load on castles. Higher tiered castles have a higher potential for guards hires. You dont load guards, you dont earn anything from that castle. But with these new lands there are WAY TOO many castles on the map now. There already was a lack of holding certain castles on the old map and now its even worse. Lose your castle? No biggy theres 324 others just like it. Theres no incentive to fight. Have an earth quack and sink of castles back in to the ocean.




lmao… look I got fat fingers…

I’m sure it looks that way when you have no hits with 95% of the teams on the map lol


I’m more saying when teams do have max guards on them, so this is a month long venture the next one will be 3 months, so being able to load max guards will cancel out a lot of the castles being conquerable with how the game mechanics are atm plus the alliances