New Lands Update and New Name

We have exciting news! We are happy to announce that the Atlas New Lands will be released on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

We will have full patch notes coming in the next couple weeks with details about new mechanics, scheduled downtime, and more.

In the meantime, we’d like to have you help us out with naming the two islands that will appear and reset with each Atlas season.

To give you a starting point, internally we’ve come up with a few ideas:

  • Island of Chaos/Chaos Isles
  • Islands of Renewal
  • The Lost Islands
  • Fallen Kingdoms

We’d like to hear from you about what the name of the two islands should be! We’ll collect the most popular names and bring it to a final community vote. Feel free to comment and discuss below.

Thanks and happy hunting!


How about ChunkLand and ChunkTopia, at the middle of each island there’s a Chunk spewing wood at nearby castles




That’s my birthday!

Since they’re islands, as depicted here, I would like to advance “Cove of Terrors”, “Belligerent Bay”, “Killer’s Isle”, and “Peril’s Gulf”.


Happy (early) birthday


Chunk forever

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The Isle of Chunk
AxiLandia or Las Axi

Woodville and Bubbletown


Beluga Bay in honor of the whales that will take over lol.

And, Guppy Lagoon for those that will attempt to go against them.


The Isle of Chunk is growing on me…


I’m good with that name as long as we get a Chunk in the middle spewing lumber. That’s my one demand


Island name ideas:

Tactical Escalation and Strategic Degradation
Tortuga and Nassau
Hercules and Perseus, for two heroes who confronted the mythological Atlas and triumphed over him*

*Perseus also made Atlas veeeeeeerrry slowwwwwww


Island 1: I Squish Your Head
Island 2: You’re a Flathead

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Yin and Yang :yin_yang:

Nooo, I‘m not saying that Yin will be the evil Dread aligned and corrupt island in the end :rofl::rofl:


Cash Cow Island

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Scylla and Charybdis

Sisyphus and Prometheus

Tantalus and Icarus


Island 1: The Island of Ignored Issues
Isand 2: Peanut Butter Jelly Time


Laurasia and Gondwanaland

About 200 million years ago Pangaea broke into two new continents Laurasia and Gondwanaland. Laurasia was made of the present day continents of North America (Greenland), Europe, and Asia. Gondwanaland was made of the present day continents of Antarctica, Australia, South America.

That’s it that’s all I got today


Blackblood Isles

Because they seem to be a core game component.

Maybe not politically correct these days so could simplify to Blood Isle

Snake Island

To recognise that legendary Ukrainian island that told a warship to f$%k off. Probably also politically problematic could simplify to Serpent Isle

Chunka Rico

Legend has it that Chunk pulled this island out of the ocean - and like Puerto Rico its a tax safe haven with 25% off all game packs :laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  1. Island/land of Conquest;
  2. Island/land of Exploration.

Going with a new world theme after discovery by Europeans. PG could easily do a season them on the “Age of Exploration.”
After years of destruction from the celestial war, the denizens of Atlas were left with a decimated land. Crops failed to grow and water became poisoned. Starvation and death was known by all.

But when it appeared there was no hope, a small band of the strongest spell riders took a blood oath to search the oceans for a new home or perish in the attempt. They were known by all as the Conquestrians.

Of the 12 original Conqestrians, only 2 returned. But in doing so, brought with them the joyous news of two suitable islands. But the joy quickly turned to scheming and backstabbing. It didn’t take long for friends to become enemies and enemies to become missing.

Dragon lords migrated in mass to explore and conquer these new lands. An opportunity like this hadn’t happened in over three millennia. But unbeknownst to them, there was an evil waiting for their arrival. That is a tale for another time.
Thought about using Syphillis and Smallpox instead - but didn’t seem appropriate.


Lucifer islands