New Lands Update and New Name

The vast majority doesn’t use forums, I thought…


I honestly couldn’t care less about what the names of the islands are. They have needed to give us an update on the mechanics and layout; Aldo their plan for player retention

I believe that this update will make or break the player base…hope it goes well and trying to be optimistic, but the secrecy around it and the constant delays and avoiding answering questions that people have is making it difficult


Um… aren’t you in a faction to? Stop blaming factions though it’s pretty toxic when someone brings up a faction and plays the blame game.

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I feel like the communication has gotten worse and worse throughout time. It’s frustrating AF!

If this thing is supposed to be LAUNCHING next week, why is there no concrete info besides a name? I get they don’t want to release things too early for people to think too much and try to have unfair advantages, but, that’s honestly just an excuse IMO. If everyone was to get the info simultaneously, then everyone would have an equal opportunity. Although, we know that’s not the case, due to broken mechanics of the game that STILL won’t be fixed with this new stuff.

Back in the day this would never happen. We have no weekly threads to ask questions anymore. We barely get responses when we do ask them. The streams have become fluff where the interesting and valid questions are eluded. There’s not much point to PG anymore. :woman_shrugging:t3:(Excluding Matt, whose efforts are truly appreciated! [And, Yohn for jumping on the draconic fix super quick!])

I just want the old people back who apparently had higher standards because things ran smoothly.


Exactly naming them is just a distraction because I don’t believe there’s much more to
announce ……
And to me historically that means it’s most likely one dimensional and will be much like the atlas events very basic and simple and un-engaging…….

So I’m not surprised we have heard nothing beyond the cosmetics of naming this feature.

Pg will only realize how much is hinging on this “expansion” after the damage is done :man_shrugging:

Feedback versus suggestions
Damage control versus prevention


The 'Burbs

Whoever owns the most castles is the Jesus of Suburbia.


I think you mean these islands are the spawn of Aligane; Aligane Jr, and Aliganian

It’s going to be déjà vu
Remember the piece of garbage atlas that PG failed miserably?
To be fair, that was meant to be a troll by PG
Not sure about this time