New Lands Update

Dragon Lords,

We’ve recently announced the introduction of new lands in Atlas, but we haven’t said much else on the subject … until now!

Early lore

Two new islands have been foretold to rise from the waters off the coast of the lands of Atlas: one in the west and one in the east. These islands will be seasonal and disappear before returning anew with entirely new geography and vacant castles to conquer with each reappearance.

When the new islands appear, the slate will be wiped clean and ownership of all castles on the islands resets. They’re here one moment and gone the next.


New Castles

On these islands you will find unclaimed lands and some of the most epic castles Atlas has seen yet. Tier 6 castles will populate the islands along with the Tier 5 and Tier 4 castles you’re already familiar with. In total, the islands will add 50 Tier 6 castles, 100 Tier 5s, and 400 Tier 4s.

Tier 6 castles will be able to build up to level 15 infrastructure buildings except for Fort. Tier 6 castles will have the same number of castle guards as Tier 5 castles. Level 15 infrastructure will provide scaled-up infrastructure points that contribute to the total economic bonus a team receives from castle ownership. The limit of top 20 castles contributing to economic bonuses still apply.

Tier 6 castles are worth 1500 castle leaderboard points per Atlas season round. This value does not diminish after being conquered. Castles on new islands do not have a passage list and cannot be surrendered.

Castle Ownership Limits

Tier 6 and Tier 5 castles will have a combined ownership limit of 30. A team may not conquer another tier 6 or tier 5 castle if they have a combined 30 or more tier 5 and tier 6 castles.
Teams over the ownership will not have their castle ownership taken away; they just cannot participate in the new conquers.

EDIT: There is also a Tier 6 castle ownership limit of six Tier 6s castles per team. The first version of this post omitted this detail by mistake. This is in addition to the above limit of Tier 6 and Tier 5 castles having a combined ownership limit of 30.

These ownership limits will go into effect when the Islands appear for the first time in the middle of the Summer Season. For teams at or near these limits already, adjust your castle ownership accordingly between now and then. We will give more concrete dates for the release as we have them.

Access Limits

Only primarchs belonging to players in Diamond and Sapphire leagues can fly to the land in seasonal islands. We’d like to provide a battleground for top teams in Atlas and hopefully open up castle ownership opportunities for the rest of the teams on the existing map by doing so.

As teams are promoted and demoted into leagues, these updates in ranking will be reflected in the access rules. Newly promoted teams into Sapphire will immediately be able to access the new lands.

If a team drops to Platinum, they will lose movement access to the new seasonal islands. Primarchs already on the Seasonal Island can still move out. Castles on the seasonal islands remain under their ownership, but they cannot not move to those castles.

With the new primarch movement tech we’ve built, we hope to iterate on this formula and expand the opportunity to visit new lands to members of all leagues in the future. This first version of the seasonal islands will help us trial our design and we welcome feedback on how to make it better for all players moving forward.


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*audible game wide eyeroll*

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What exactly makes PG think something like this will happen when mega alliances, specifically 1 major mega alliance still holds control over the entire map? This is one of the most unrealistic statements I think I’ve ever read.

I’d honestly like to know how the atlas team thinks this is going to solve anything at all when all of the current issues with atlas will remain and continue to be ignored.
This is like deciding to put up new wallpaper or change the cabinet handles when the house is burning down.


Still processing, but so far:

-Provides a way to prevent sandbagging as one would lose out on access (Edit: kinda :confused:; thanks ZDG)
-Marginally interesting without passage so it will be a better indication of what teams can do more standalone 5 on 5; but, I still think there are ways to work around passage.

-With these being reset every season, seems like teams will actually still need to retain their old atlas castles; otherwise, benefits will terminate upon reset. So, not sure this remedies opening up more castles in old atlas.
-If 20 is what comprises bonus amount, I still don’t get why 20 isn’t the max amount to be held.

-Kinda seems like what we have already; just limits it to Saph and diamond; there’s no new really exciting or intriguing mechanics
-Seems messy with teams fluctuating from plat 1 to saph 3
-With 50 6s, and up to 30 allowed to be owned, will the top TA just share 10 each? Because I don’t think anyone has the power to fight for them, personally. So that leaves 5s and 4s for the rest of us. Which-- cool, but they also come with a lot more responsibility. So I guess it could be neat to attempt them, but I’d then 100% would want to hold on to all of my old atlas castles being the new ones will likely see high turnover.


It would be better if teams with power rank above a certain threshold to be able to migrate to the lands rather than a league distinction?


Does it though? Because they’re going to drop down during pvp when they dont need travel access anyway


So at the expense of our precious diamonds? Or the hastes available in the mythic branches?

Also would have been nice if there were multiple disappearing islands like this, where only two 5tas can go and fight it out on the t6 and t5s


The majority of everyone will not be able to benefit from this new land, since the vast majority of teams have as many 100% glory gates as they’re willing to hold. This is due to the high level political landscape; generally, holding such a gate means you will get hit by the most formidable opponents you have there. Dom-aligned teams that can hold gates usually end up with as many as they’re willing to take; Dom-opposed teams generally get hit by Dom there, and the rewards PG gives for land ownership don’t justify that cost to them.


  • New land is primarily held by Dominus and pirates.
  • No one wins (except pirates)
  • There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at how undeserving teams will end up with T5s.

I do not see how this is going to help anyone expect top teams in the game


Don’t worry, it won’t help us either. :slight_smile:


Time to Strive to the top, take your slacking pants off and get to it

Sure it will, your scooping up all the land in the old part of atlas, you’ll end up controlling all these too. This only benefits the top

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Think I’m doing just fine thanks, not everyone has deep pockets

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There is a castle ownership limit, even if they eanted to take all the land, there is still going to ne a lot of t4s left

Which means we move from rank 1 to rank 1. :partying_face: We don’t care.


Mayb make it fair so that diamond can’t attack plat team and can fight there own size… league should be only allowed to hit their league or higher mayb something like that would be a start to try fix shit just saying :woman_shrugging:t2:


But what happens when a plat pirate team farms u, and u can’t hit them back?


Just what we needed another event.

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Plat isn’t admitted entrance

I meant old map :woman_shrugging:t2:

This is a discussion topic on the new map. :woman_shrugging:t3: