New Lands Update

When did this brand new phone release? :thinking:

It runs fine even on my android phone, but then I change my phone whenever newer model releases in the same lineup.

Bit slower to load, that’s why I mainly play the game on my ipad, but atlas still runs fine.

Trolling and joking aside. I fail to see how this update will create any positive change, for any of us. Those at the top (of which I am lucky enough to be a part of) will still remain at the top. Those at the bottom, will still be at the bottom.

Believe it or not, the willingness of most teams to take an access t4 or 5 is almost none. Creating new land of 550 new castles, all of which give 100% glory isn’t going to fix the core issue. People don’t want that.

If you, pg, really want to increase the viability of castle ownership, and the longevity of your game. You need to find a way to incentivize teams to hold castles. While also stopping sandbagging and the burden of play.

The former can be done in multiple ways. Increasing rewards for castles, allowing more then one kind of tribute to be claimed per day, rewarding successful defense, etc. the latter is a little more challenging, and would require hard coding. But, for example, you could just make it impossible for large teams to hit down, tighten glory bands, or break atlas into different areas based on APR of the ta.

Anywho. This has gone on for long enough.


Problem tbh is while this new land will be fun if the game was somewhat balanced, but without mechanics to fix the imbalances at the moment, the new lands are just going to fail, and thus is why it always cycles off topic because one decent idea is great but they need to FIX so many other things that instead of fixing they will make chests look better and opening them more fantastic to view or they will rearrange something like castle management tab that imo worked fine before and now it’s basically harder to work, or make the atlas weekly achievements more pretty, which again only reason anyone opens them is to claim the rewards why change them? Do something that is needed to be changed

Yup that is correct and still is . When new primes got released we felt the need for gold and we occupied abandoned T4s , we had 17 of those at one point .

Tightening glory bands and basing APR on something that actually reflects the power of the team

hint: Base Dragon Attack power is a pretty meaningless metric, as it not only doesn’t take the actual dragon power into consideration but also fails at incorporating defendability. The other factors such activity and influence (which gives an indicator on how much the team could grow) are also missing.


I would be very curious to hear a valid suggestion how to fix this . Do you have any ?

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Side A has been champIon for multiple years and earned enough resources, attracted good flyers in their side. Power gap is so huge now that fight between Side A and others are meaningless cause one can fight few days but not for multiple weeks as resource drain, lack of quality of flyers will ultimately force other side to stop.

Conclusion - Side A is champion and will continue to be as everyone wants to be associated with strong side. Is that problem of Side A? NO
It’s problem of creator who is not competent enough to understand the problem.


I’d say would have to be taken as possibly player level but the scale would have to be tweaked every fort, as in what level plus it is to have 35-36 maxed towers would be one level and then the min level to have 31-35 maxed towers be another 26-30 etc etc, that would be player vs player scaling and could also be used to calculate team power or apr, the down scale per 5 max towers would have to be tweakable as well so PG can work out a good balanced scaled rather then the 100 percent scale

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I just wanted to put this here . What kills atlas :point_up_2:


APR changes more often

I made a suggestion here, is it perfect? No, but it does incorporate a few things that are missing Glory Ranking needs an overhaul - #46 by Ustarok

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It has many flaws , as the current formula as well . I havent read a valid suggestion so far which is why I asked you


They should really make zone for plat and lower sapphire teams to play for because let’s be honest most of the S3 teams doesn’t even come close to teams in Sapphire 1 there maybe some expections but most can’t.

And a playing ground for plat and lower sapphire doesn’t need to have t5 castles.
T4 should be more than enough.
Like 100 t4 250 t3 and 400-500 t2 since the number of teams in this league is high than any other higher leagues.


That proposal was a first stab at trying to incorporate defensive strength into the formula, and I haven’t seen any other proposals.

See this is what’s wrong with the community in general (and by no means is this directed any any person in particular), people are afraid of proposing anything cause instead of taking a proposal tweaking it so it would be better, people would rather say “dumb idea” and rip it apart.


You got a good point . I’ve definitely seen some proposals

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Well then, have better ideas.

It was! (Also, truthfully, it was a 6v50, not a 5v50. Sandslingers gets an honorable mention because the greatest warrior of the entire campaign was over there for a key portion.)

Yeah . . .

(Remembers a D1 leader claiming we had been “sponsored” into that castle, where we overwhelmingly led kills in the bloodiest conquest of the year)
(Remembers another D1 leader whose team got 0.2% of the kills in the battle asking us to just give the castle to them, after the conquest, because they felt we owed them for their support.)
(Remembers someone recently mumbling about Dread taunters. Still. For some reason.)

…You know what? I fact-checked, and it turns out I was wrong before–we actually conquered that T5 alone, using only our bare hands and unboosted dragons. This is really surprising, because every other significant conquest in the game’s history required allies. But it’s nonetheless true! Maybe!

The battle was fierce, for even the fearless AnD players struggled against the fifty MILLION defending teams, all of them early quitting at 1% in an attempt to headbutt us away from the castle. For a while, neither side could gain the upper hand. The deciding moment of the siege came when I pointed at the castle on my iPad with a single majestic finger to conjure a vision of Saint Dad, who compelled all to search their hearts and face judgment on their worthiness to be near a T5. A blinding light flashed over the castle, and when it had faded, all the barbarians were dead. All of them. Very violent.

After the conquest, it was discovered that a Dread player had sent gold to our team bank during the siege, which later paid for our upkeep. Everyone immediately agreed that AnD would be nothing without that gold. “They aren’t a good team, they just hide behind Dread bankers,” it was said.

Actually, I fact checked the historical record of an alternate dimension, and it turns out you are wrong!

It seems that in the Darkest Timeline, AnD never left the DOA. But this was okay because, in the depths below RagnarsRock, while mining precious metals for our bot CPUs, we delved too deep. We unearthed a cavern that drives all who enter into a berserker rage, like we had just read a forum post recommending that a warrior be buffed, within which lay the tomb of some unfathomable being without name. There, we discovered the game’s only piece of super-exotic gear, a glove. Composed of pure salt and powered by the animosity of the wearer, the moment that the AnD leader laid his hand on it, the world was doomed.

With the power of the Salinity Gauntlet and his massive Chad aura, the MostSevereBot unified the fractious enemies of AncientsAscent under a single banner, guided by an undivided will. (AncientsAscent is the head of the dominant mega-alliance in this universe. Remember: darkest timeline.) In the wars that followed, executive officer Kademan often wondered what the game would look like if he’d merged into a different team, so long ago . . .


I’m not sure if you actually think your attempted trolling is funny but apparently you are very fixated at the idea of taking a castle from a team that’s been already suffered from war fatigue (credit to massive mega alliance)


@pgcarlos is it possible that we get a timetable of when the announcements related to the new lands will happen and when projected release is? a rough one will do too

While sort of keeping us in the know but the small amounts of information we get at a time is tough to fully work with

Things we still don’t know:

Map design (depth/sz/nml)
Bonuses/ Conquer benefits (since fort level wont be higher)
Troops status (same revives?)
Any other differences? will 5tas be locked in it?

Also, is it possible to get one thread for all announcements pertaining to it please? :pray:

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This is what also killed pvp events. Teams doing no hit agreements there as well just for a better ranking.

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