New Lands Update

Point being

At least make a new currency to fight in these regions. So everyone has somewhat of an equal opportunity to fight there. Honestly its one sided either way you look at it.

Mentioned opening up old map for other didn’t it :woman_shrugging:t2:

@PGCarlos Can you unlock the new areas at different times? There are many teams from one timezone and especially European teams will have a disadvantage if the new area will unlock around 3am CET like in the last Atlas Summer 2018 expansion. For example unlock Island 1 at 6pm CET (1am Japan Standard Time, 9am PST) and unlock Island 2 for example 12 hours later at 6am CET (1pm Japan Standard Time, 9pm PST). This way everyone will get a chance to grab some castles without doing a nightshift


Hmm that’s a good question lemme check


I really hope that now those teams will give there deep t2 and t3 and let plat teams have it otherwise what is the point of these new lands more lands for already castle rich teams have more.

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That sucks, sure, but it’s the issue of being a single time zone team. It’s unrealistic to expect to have the benefits of being single time zoned, and also trying to get rid of the main cons of being a single TZ team


We will unlock the Seasonal Islands late morning Pacific time. We did consider staggering times but for this initial version it will be Pacific.


Oh cool!!! Diamond teams finally get their own land. AWESOME!!!


There’s a lot to unpack but on a whole, I agree this doesn’t solve anything other than enabling the largest teams a mechanism to increase their dominions and scoop even deeper into their pockets.

However, some positive tidbits:

  • limiting to a total of 30 castles. That’s a step in the right direction, however as usual too little too late. Forcing the release of valuable Atlas castles in exchange for these limited time castles, that in theory provide better value, should be implemented and not allowed to have more than they already control. Though I say this, it just may cause cycling issues on the permanent Atlas map, such as they release castles but then just stomp on whoever else holds them when they lose the seasonal island.
  • no passage list, great idea, this needs to be done. However pointless if the blockade timer is to remain at 30 seconds. All this does is allow them a short breather as they barrel through wherever they are going. Let’s call it what it really is, a rolling stop. If you really want to force a 5TA only situation put the blockade back up to something painful. IMO, if you’re at an enemy castle; you are there to take it or drop the shield, so that you can get what’s behind it. Otherwise it’s just like being harassed by non biting bugs.

There’s a bunch more, but that’s the top 2 thoughts that came to mind.


That’s how PG roles. Always out to help one specific group of people. It’s like they’re one in them same :thinking::roll_eyes:.


These emojis here look ridiculous, btw.


I think that IS awesome indeed! They can now fight amongst themselves.


I agree sister! It’s time to start the revolution!


But you’re like, one of them :joy::rofl: what are you saying? Lol

I guess I was kind of hoping for a totally new environment. Like Crusades!

More like Crystal Caves setup where you’re paired against a team for a while and can see what you can do in a controlled environment (for atlas). I think it would be fascinating to see how your team would compare to another team on a 1:1 basis. So many teams happen to have high level players so their APRs are low but, overall how active are they?:smiling_imp::nerd_face:

In doing so, maybe teams would actually attempt to fight Dom teams when paired with them to see how they’d fare?
It could force some of the lazier teams to fight in order to get benefits/portraits/something interesting in an attempt to liven up the game.
I’d be highly intrigued to see AnD versus UIH as they’re both highly skilled teams. Or WE versus SS. Some teams under the same mega umbrella don’t get the chance to fight one another but structuring something on 1:1, would be like a friendly gamble of sportsmanship. And, would give all teams an equal opportunity for various forms of bragging rights and something new to fight for.


What does the map look like ? Will all castles be accessible ? Or are we talking 8bubble deep again?


Im interested to hear from economy team, if holding tier 6 castles brings even higher bonuses than t5 (my understanding from the post) and we all can collectively agree that it will just straight away be held by top TA, how is this change in PG opinion not contributing to making richer rich ?


What’s the over/under on Dom finishing their work on clearing out deep castles in the old land and forcing non-dom aligned teams into a cycle of reset castles?


maybe soon there will be a forum for my precious top teams only and their own towers and dragons since we r out of the frame already
since we cant see those lands and we cant touch them , thank you for nothing ?
maybe a tribute buff for the low tier castles will be needed since we get nothing ?

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