New Lands Update

Also: what happens with a mixed TA? If a team is able to conquer one of the new castles and part of the TA is in platinum still, then they can’t even help defending the castle. That seems a very strange mechanism…
Has anyone considered giving smaller teams the opportunity to hold a castle together and profit with the same amount as big teams? That would give smaller teams an incentive to actively seek to get a castle in the new lands…

Only problem are going to be mixed tas that have a diamond team protecting Saphire and Plat…:woman_shrugging:

Or Island 2 is where all new teams start and if they are top 5 or 10 or whatever they get added to atlas main game.

That would be a great way to get started in atlas.

This is 100% what is going to happen except probably not a 50/50 split.

I dont think its so much about teams who do nothing vs teams that cant do anything i.e. new teams.

Its like making ancient rome fight modern day USA its no contest.

Getting close now, wonder when an actual update is coming to give us a clue about what we are expected to walk into…

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Right. I’m sorry to burst ur bubble and be that guy, but new teams/new players probably shouldn’t have t4’s or 5s, either.

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Who said anything about giving them t4s or t5s.
I thought it would go without saying if that kind of theoretical ideal were to happen it would be low level castles only.

Next time i will be more clear and use pictures.

Right. What I’m saying is that if you want ur rewards, u have to fight for them.


Maybe PG can sell a double secret atlas elite for 99.99 for the season and we can each have our own island with our own little castle. We can grow crops and harvest them and happy music can play in the background. They’ll call it Atlasville.


Yes, fight for castles. Just like BP did for their t4s/new t2/3s…

…oh wait


Who let you back on the forums?


i quit that game to come play this one.

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having a meeting next week about New Lands! Hope to gather up some new info

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:face_with_monocle:All joking aside :boom:
It is Interesting 5 hrs with not a single post….
That doesn’t bode well…

Well all that aside…
Thank you PgCarlos ……I appreciate the update as I’m truly curious how pg plans to handle this expansion and what all it will impact as the meta moves.

I’d love to see some kind of forum Q&A and a live stream with a employee/designer.

A employee who can talk about the future course of the game and the mechanics in use currently and what their goals for war dragons is moving forward and what kind of game play they are trying to achieve here long term.

Just someone who can speak to the higher aspects of the current mechanic set and the game play it produces.

I’m really curious how they plan to continue to escalate everything while condensing competitive play with this cycling expansion that will quickly become repetitive!

I say this not to be snarky but because this expansion is very reminiscent of the great contest and I can’t tell you how taxing that season long event was on the players and how participation in that event was not profitable for anyone not PG and not the players!

So aside from the expansions launch itself I’m also concerned as to what this expansions mechanics will really bring long term as far as retention and burden of play are concerned.

So any real information would be appreciated at this point!

its going to be broken as always. caught g2 caught

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Did you watch the atlas summit stream not that long ago? I felt they laid out their future plans quite well there.