New Life to Old Drags

Let me start out by saying three things:

  1. This is NOT a request for evolution stones for past seasonal drags. I’m fully against that idea.

  2. This is NOT intended to be an event or added to an event, etc.

  3. I DO NOT want this to cost anything. It should be a feature accessible to everyone and become the norm.

    OK! So I thought about how neat it would be to have old lineage drags actually usable again. Not seasonal drags, just the breedable ones (with the exception of Chunk and the Dodo bc come on).
    Each week you would get an evolution stone of the tier you are currently in to use on one lineage drag of a certain tier, depending on the week, for one week. Making that dragons stats equal to those in the respective tier. Start at Red for the first week, second week Purple, and so on.
    Example: I’m currently in Eldritch. I would use the stone on Kinnara and be able to at least survive bases around my level. I say survive bc my sorcery isn’t very strong :joy:.
    At the end of the week, she goes back to Red tier power and a new week gives me a stone to use on a Purple tier dragon for a week.
    Can only be used on LINEAGE dragons (with the exception of Chunk and Dodos🤭).
    Anyway, this is just an idea to add something different to the actual game.



So once a week, you can turn a lineage dragon of [tier] into a [top-tier] dragon, until the end of the week?

Interesting enough, I guess, and not rainbow stones, precisely, but seems like it’s probably a lot of finicky work, and for a “meh” result.

Mostly, people would temporarily evolve the same handful of dragons over and over again (since most dragons, even buffed in stats, wouldn’t have the spells to be viable at the higher tiers).

…not to mention that it would be less than 24 hours after its announcement that people started clamoring for it to be applied to seasonal dragons as well, so that everyone could continue to fly their Gigs, or Neptuses, or whatever, forever.


Best case scenario, it would be 16 weeks before it started over. Finicky work isn’t my job, that’s PGs at the very least. :joy:
I will say I’m unsure about how it would work for those that aren’t in the last tiers. Maybe theirs starts over sooner than those in higher tiers. Idk🤷‍♀️ Kinda why I posted it, so everyone could work out the details and see shit I may not and etc.
And I would hope those that would ask about seasonal drags being included would do me the favor of keeping their mouths shut. :smirk:

Worst case is players wont be able to log into game for weeks doing this.


Like that isn’t a chance with every update as is. :rofl::joy:

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PG cant get existing events to work anymore. How would they get this done.

PG gave you a use for old Dragons. Quests for XP pots. I’d be surprised if they do much more.

I think part of the issue with the making evo stones for past dragons is because they dont want to have to calculate the stats for it. Even with divines they end up having to tweak them. This would be irresponsible to even attempt at this point.


This plus there’s a strong chance most would still struggle due to the changes in towers and spells, in which case it would be a lot of work for not much actual fun for players.


I like the idea or the concept at least only problem is lineage dragons in most tier sucks and there spell not suited for corrent towers like flaks and howitzer.
Only tier I would like to see as viable for this concept is vanguard


Sounds interesting but PG will turn a blind eye of course

Well, it walks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck… Sooo…

I’m giving this the benefit of the doubt for now, but to me it looks like another kind of duck.

I’ll let another mod a bit more expert in the Anatidae family to deal with this.

A duck cat is still a duck cat by any other name…


Ima just quote this since it’s basically the same as I wanted to say, although the sapphire mythics could maybe hold their own.

I like how you cherry picked those :joy: You must be a reporter.

I think it really sucks that we can’t entertain new ideas simply because we can’t count on it working properly or not to break the game. I agree that most early drags aren’t equipped to handle relevant towers, but the thought and idea is still fun, maybe just to me. :woman_shrugging: Again, just an idea and wanted to throw it out there to see what everyone else thinks. I’m not one to bitch bc my ideas aren’t well received. Plenty of good reasons it’s a bad idea.

A rainbow stone by any other name is, a rainbow stone. I get how you are trying to differentiate but, the chances of this are so, so remote I think you are better off putting your time/talent/ideas into something else.

The folks at PG do not appear to think much like players. Ideas that get their attention are ones that drive revenue.

You would have to find a way to drive this via rubies or sigils, much like Dragon quests.

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I’m picturing it now eldritch kinnara still being a beast

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It’s not a bad idea at all, where are you @PGGalileo :joy:.

Ooo you are going to love the direction War Dragons is going if you want to give your old Draggos new life. I could not have paid for a better post from the community ^^