New Life to Old Drags

I will just love to fly Amarok again, it would be awesome :+1:

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Is this a hint

Care to flesh out this hint?

wtf Hwrd :rofl:

The next tier is drumroll Red Tier!


We already have temple raid to fly anorak

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I do have concerns that this would not be technologically possible. With the amount of errors we are having right now I would be legitimately scared about this coming in.

I am not against the idea if I could be sure it wouldn’t cause everything else to break

You cant get enough of Amarok😉

Let me guess… Algorithmic breeding, where you take an old dragon’s body, repaint it, infuse it with genetic traits for spells and resistances from other dragons, and forge evolution stones with rubies, diamonds, gold, crafting scrolls/shards, some rune dust, and five new currencies :smiley:

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Anorak, the All-Knowing :scream:


I say we just replace Ryuu with Namaka, seeing as Namaka is a water dragon :grin: @Ryuu :eyes:

No one can replace the OG

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Endgame Noctua :thinking:

Being able to have endgame Jorm or Oni would be nice though. In fact how about PG just plagiarize themselves and release those mythics every few tiers. Jorm and Apop were pretty much the only two times they did sorcerers right in lineage or even seasonal

I just bred jorm and he seems great. Almost level 40 so not expert yet, but I feel like he’d have a bit of trouble against hammers. Undefended I think he can do a lot of damage but defended I’m not so sure. Guess I’ll find out

Electrum :thinking:hmmmm

No one is going to love anything about this game if the bugs and Atlas lags aren’t fixed.


Quests are no substitution for working events and a low lag, revamped Atlas. Nope.

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Wow what a clickbait title but yeh something new would be nice

This could be interesting in main game. An option to do something meaningful with my den of dragons. Is it referring to dungeons that started today or something more :thinking:

Apologies, not my intention but I’m not very clever with titles :sweat_smile:

Main game was my intention, not an event or anything special, but just another aspect to the main game. Just something to spice things up (in a positive way, not the spice all the glitches cause).
Really hope I did reply thing correctly. Lol.
Edit AGAIN: And it doesn’t have to use an evolution stone, doesn’t have to use anything. Probably just as tired of those words being used as everyone else. Ha