New Limited Time HP/Attack Rune Branch - Official Discussion Thread

Well those runes exist in game at least, and they’re pretty new.


Whether these are in fact the runes offered in this line I can’t tell.


Those are the stats right now?

That’s not very much tbh might skip out on it if their isn’t an increased on the attack stat

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Nothing confirmed yet.

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Okay good idk how rare a mythic ammo rune is though can someone tell me the odds please?

It’s more than any other rune (as in, not glyph) in the game save the ones that came with the early 2018 divines :man_shrugging: I wouldn’t count on more.


Well, it comes around in only 2 pvps (Fight pits and kingdom wars) and you need 1818 silvers maximum to guarantee you get a mythic ammo

Check out my Silver Chest sequencing thread if you haven’t already, it has a FAQs section, and I sequence silvers whenever mythic ammo comes around :slight_smile:

P.S: Anyone opening silvers this event, please screenshot/record the drops and send them my way so I can sequence silvers!


The old orca link is broken I can’t open it without it being dumb and sending me to support

That link is only there for visual reference - the predictor is no longer actually functional, and I sequence silvers manually now

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Where is the silver manual then?

I constantly update the sequence in the actual thread, take a look at post 7 as an example - I’ll be updating the Sequence post number in the original post for easy reference to where you should jump to in the thread

I haven’t got that much silver chests but I’ve opened 1.5k or more silver chests separately for 3 years and never got one but I did get a mythic rage rune last season so idk if that is a sign
Edit: the resurrection branch’s seems good if you need these types of runes when boosted just doesn’t really help if you don’t spend.
Still it probably is a decent amount of silver unboosted. Still debating on Equstor’s mythic rage rune for another dragon and two other branches this season

Sequences change from event to event, I really recommend reading the FAQs section on the thread I linked :slight_smile:

And yeah, plenty of silvers in eq’s branch & his rune is great but super expensive :sweat_smile:

On topic: I hope this new rune branch isn’t expensive


Yeah and the gold chests should be improved if I was to ever spend on the branch if I’m going to get a branch the gold chests should be equal to what the normal seasonal branches equal and not turn into the pylon

@PGGalileo can this idea be suggested to the team? cause I originally felt the gold chests amount in the branch wasn’t worth it over the mythic rune since I wasn’t around that season Equator came out.


It’s real easy, you just click one of the options


Even for example the warrior Hp one is 6%, its still useless as divine legendarys come with 4%+ boost one spell. So imo it will remain useless for most dragons.

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Want glyphs not rune

All that has been announced so far is that they’ll be glyphs, nothing announced about runes.

Come again?

You got that backwards I think :rofl:


you better read announcement before discussion thread :slight_smile:

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