New line chat for people that looking for a team

New group on line chat specifically for players looking for a team. Open group everybody can join.

Sorry but I could not get in. Could you mention the room name

Room name is WD Team Search on line chat

FYI, I had to copy and paste the link into my notes app to get it to work.

Link does not work for me. Any suggestions?

Here is the link again dont know whats wrong with it but hopefully it works this time

Group name on line is WD Team Search

If you cant find it just send me a message in line chat and i add you to it
Line ID is schneeweiss79

Send me a message on line chat and i will invite you Line ID is schneeweiss79

Is this still active?

yes, im on it now


Can I also join if I’m looking for members? Or how exactly does it work?

I think in order to join a LINE group, you have to know the creator’s name or one of the members’ names, or get an invite. I don’t believe it’s possible to search for a group in LINE. I could be wrong.

This is what I get when I tap the link in the OP.

Just send me a message in line chat and i invite you

Line ID is schneeweiss79

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