New Look: Same old Forum


Tried doing something to try and help people out. They say “search before you make a new topic” Well did that and my post got shut down by one of our illustrious moderators. So tired of people not listening to anything. This is the way it was in the old forums and I don’t know why I thought a new look would change anything. I guess I can go back to ignoring the useless forums again.


It’s literally the first post you see when you search “lock war”, which was the main idea of your previous post. There’s no reason to clutter the forums with duplicate topics AND once you’re referenced to where the discussion is actually taking place, you can share your ideas there (if they haven’t already been answered). No need to throw a pity party :tada:.



Multiple posts on the same subject break up the conversation on that topic, making it harder for PG to see all responses relating to that thread. Posts like this aide nothing but making the forum more like how the old forum started to become. When you create a topic it even suggests potential posts that are similar however this one may not have shown. All that has been asked is to search the forums prior to posting a new topic, allowing you to add your own thoughts to the same post.


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