New Mail function in the ledger does not work?


One of the (few) things that I was excited about was the new “send ledger via email” function that is now implemented. But unfortunately, it does not work. The send button keeps being inactive, even if a valid eMail address is entered.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: mention @PGSqurl added


Just gave it a try and same experience here (android). Button stays inactive and will not send.

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Works for me. Got the email.



I just gave it another try with a gmail address, and there the button turned green.

On first sight it seems only email addresses ending in .com are working, any other extension leaves the button gray for me.

@Crisis could you maybe pass the news to the devs that other countries exist, and they have email addresses too :grin:


It works for me. (iOS)

Mine was in my junk mail with a from address of

It’s quite slick.

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Thanks for testing :+1:

Hope Chrisis will pass it further to the devs team


Sorry about that, we just made a fix. @mogi, could you let me know if it’s working for you now?

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Can confirm that it is working now. Thanks for the quick fix👍🏻


Topic can get closed now. Issue is solved


Okay :ok_hand::upside_down_face:

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