New Major event, Bandits of the Void

Bandit of the Void.

Strong magic power often emanates from Arima Geodo, a mysterious cave in the Void, as if the cave itself is alive.
Once in a while, a portal to the cave is opened in Atlas.

When the portal opened, the strong magic corrupt the mind of Atlas residents, filling them with greed to collect the magic gold from the cave. Such greed lets them to fight with each other for the gold.

As the portal’s shut, the magic power subsided, leaving the residents confused, as they saw that all gathered magic gold vanished into thin air.



  1. 9 rounds, 12h each (except the last one)
  2. Energy reset each round.
  3. Give 3000 gold at start of each round.
  4. At the end of each round, store all team gold, and reset gold amount.


  1. Use 4 energy, giving 100 base points. Raid 1x gold.
  2. Base strength depends on player’s Den level.


  1. Use 4 energy, giving 100 base points. Raid 2x gold. Extra 10% multiplier (defender lost 90% gold)

Temporary Powerups. Bought using Team Gold

  1. Taunter badge. Creates a point shield. which gets damaged over time. While the shield is active (HP > 0), redirecting all attacks to the team to the Marshall. Attacker gets 10% more points. Cooldown period, 1h
  2. Trapper badge. Targets a team. Allows team members to bypass Taunter Badge for the target team. Can use at most 5 trapper badge. Each badge lasts for 1h.
  3. Raider badge. Temporarily double gold from mining and hunting gold from other players.


  1. Gold boost. Increase mined gold by 20%. Also increase points by 5%.
  2. Raider boost. Increase points and gold from raiding players by 5%.
  3. Defensive stance. Reduce Gold loss from raids by 5%

upgrades limit tbd. Numbers are subject to change.

update 1

  • Officers can pick one team member to be the Marshall.
  • Team Gold usage is restricted to officers.

This event sounds very interesting. I would love to see it implemented somehow. It gives a whole new meaning to “raiding” in PvP events

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is it just for atlas teams? because if not this would almost be a good intro to atlas event…

“Magic Gold” here isn’t affected by Atlas. Treat it like VP for other PvP events.


Well I deff am that :thinking:

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I’m not good at making lore like that.
If it’s accepted, I believe @Lachrymae or someone else can make much better lore for it.

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From a game design/onboarding standpoint it’s usually kinda risky to give temporary amounts of a normally-permanent currency. People tend to assume they get to keep stuff you give them and get understandably hostile when it vanishes. However, the idea of “go wild with money that isn’t yours for a limited time to try to get as many rewards as possible at the end” is pretty compelling otherwise, if you could solve the “fairy gold” problem. So that’d be my design feedback on this.

Lorewise there of course many ways to fictionalize this.


I mean it doesn’t have to be gold… it could be eyeballs :smiling_imp:

or something less weird


i think it’s already answered…

OF used the term gold just to confuse people. :man_facepalming:t2:

Dragon Scales

:joy: Magic gold = Victory points in this case.
Plus it’s just main game event (doesn’t have anything to do with real Gold in Atlas).

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