New Major event, Time Skip

Time Skip
One day in the void time sped up. When it spend up it caused a portal to open between Earth and the void. When that happened everything on the Earth sped up too. It caused the people to die rapidly until different clocks where found which stop the speeding of time for the thing or person holding it for a certain time. When it was discovered people started to kill each other for the clocks.
When the time skip stopped time started to reverse back where it started. When that happened all the survivors went back in time and felt like nothing happened.

  • There will be 6 rounds each 12 hours.

  • Timers are gone each round as well as energy is reset

  • Each round start off with 5 15min,1 hour, 3 hour, 12 hour, 1 day, 2 days.

  • At the end keep 1-10 timers until it reaches 3 hours- 2 days

Uses 4 energy to control a area, takes 2-10 energy to finish the collecting. Last wave of collecting which costs 10 energy you get 2x more timers

Time Boosters

Team collects 1000 timers, next round of collecting earn 5x more timers

Team collects 5000, next 5 rounds of collecting earn 2x more plus 10

Each player collects 5000, get a booster which makes all rounds of collecting timers get a 2x timer multiplier.


Magnetic grasp:Uses energy but get a 2x timer bonus for a hour
Time shield: Uses timers but makes a shield which increases the health of your towers + damage
Clean search: Uses energy but you get 5x the timers next search.


The more timers a team gets the longer it stays on the field each round. For example each team will need to get a certain amount of timers to move on. Get 10000 15 timers move to the 1 hours. Get 20000 1 hours timer you get the point. And if you are in the 15 minutes but the second round started you will have to get 2x more timers than usual. Same thing with the other rounds. The higher you go it also gets tougher to get timers. That’s way your team must do really well. This is basically a event of activity. The less active the less your team does to. So in this event everyone has to do a part. Also for lower levels below 100 battles will be determined by your level.

This didn’t really make sense to me.

The gist that I got was that: the better you do the harder it is for anyone to catch up to you?

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:thinking: Still confused how PvP or PvE (if any) impact the event…

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@moderators could this be put in suggestions please?


Ok, basically it is raids with 6 maps. To control an area there will be five players or Blackbloods that are 10 levels above you and 10 levels below you and close to your level. It changes by what level you are. If a player kills all five that is one territory claimed. If a clan has all 100+ and you are 57 AI versions will replace the player versions. Once cleared you that territory is gone for 6 hours. Map size is PG’s choice.

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