New members to livelikekings!

Livelikekings needs u

Hey everyone, I’m here to find some new member to livelikekings, livelikekings was once an amazing team, but unfortunate we split up.

I’m out here to find some active and aggressive players. I need high and low lvl It up to you! I need someone there have the time to play and love talking to your team and help out! I’m looking for 3 new officers and fast! And also just members there like to be apart of something bigger!

We are still a gold team but I need you all to make it stay that way!

There are no age or lvl there is wrong in my team!

Please do send me a message

Please use the layout giben by the team.

How do I leave my team to join yours?

WHat team are you in now? I can intive u

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