NEW mythic Line from Legendary To mythic

Good Morning @PGMatt

Trust you are well , i have a Question For you guys at PG , long story short… you Have NOW created where you Can get a Legendary Dragon off a Branch and then Able to get it to Mythic Status.

1stly Alot of People are Not happy with the change , as NOW everyone can get a “mythic” as i just wanted clarity as to why make that change?

2ndly people are getting Banned from the Game due to the Fact they Claim 2 mythics in 1 season , since the new Outbring of the these " Branches "
How is that Known as Cheating? If i May ask

You guys at PG have Made it sooo easy with Keys in these New branches and then Theres Obviously the Sigil claimed as well in the Rebate Branches.

Explain why Players Have been getting Warnings Of banning when claiming 2 x mythics?


This is not for PGMatt, and while the question stands on its own merits about whether we need a separate legendary vs mythic line… It has been asked for in other topics and doesn’t need to be raised here.

Also ban for two mythics :rofl:


:roll_eyes: Mythic requirement is still similar (although we need to get the legendary dragon first). That said, this system allows more mythics per season, which means more flexibility in choosing mythics.

Sounds like something else isn’t mentioned :smirk: .
Getting multiple mythics should never be a reason to ban someone. Illegal resource to get those mythics is, though.


This has been possible for a very long time. Bans were caused by other actions they have taken.

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I wish I could answer your questions, but I have no input on the process of designing seasons or dragons. I write code for the game while professional game designers and project managers decide these things. I argue with them sometimes, but they make the decisions.

If someone has been banned without actually cheating, it should be easy to get that fixed through support. We have cheat detection code to catch actual hackers. There have been some false positives before where the code was overly aggressive. I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned for getting 2 mythics, though. That was common for a lot of high level players before the new season structure started.


It’s Friday evening in California, by the way. :slight_smile: What part of the world are you in?

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Hey champ Im from South Africa But Immigrating to scotland soon🔥

I didnt want to Cause an Alarm or Anything here Its Just weird. I do Appreciate you getting Back to me as i Know Many people from All over Ingame that Have Not been able to get in since the Old season ended and Now there is Speculation🤣

I Mean Realisticly its Soo much easier to obtain 2 Mythics in 1 season Now🤔
Atleast I know how things work in terms Of “cheating”

I agree with you when stated Alot more Easier and Flexible to gain more then 1 Mythic in a Season🤣 i know about 3 players that Havent been Able to get Ingame since the old season ended🙈

I just wondered as to why theyre Making it Thaaat Easy to obtain mythics but yet Now theyre under Spectulation and Havent heard PG since on the Matter🤣

Did the banned people get a 2nd mythic within the first 2 weeks? If that’s the case they shouldn’t be able to given time frame. Sounds like there is something more going on.

@Oni8 Im not sure about the time frame of when they obtained the 2 mythic dragons…but until further Notice errors have been coming up on their Acc’s saying " we will re-activate your Acc in the Year 2041​:rofl::see_no_evil: which is a Biiit over Board!

Dont get me wrong its Not me🤣

Dear Team

In My account XXwissXX i have opened two dragon lines. For Telmant i didnt get the stones.
I have raised many tickets thriugh the game and the support team close the tickets without solving my problem.

I am communication through this account as i dont have access to the email linked to my other account ( XXwissXX)

Stop disrespecting the players and answer back.
This isnt a way for communicating.
Many players also complaonthat no one answers back !!!

I believe DragonPunch is the person to ask about this. I’m an engineer, so I don’t have access to support tickets or the ability to resolve them. I’m just on the forums a lot because I play the game so much.



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Clearly cheats or money were at work when someone does this in one sitting. But if it wasn’t then it most likely was for no reason. And it shouldn’t be as easy anymore the branches literally cost nearly 40k sigils per branch If someone is easily getting a mythic they either hoarded a heavy amount of chests or the spent in one sitting like I previously state.

Also Najo you don’t need to keep spamming and being rude, people have lives you know? If you aren’t respectful and patient with people they’ll always end up ignoring you by throwing you at the back of the line like in the Zendesk that or they won’t end up helping at all if you don’t try to be respectful.


Irrispective if its an " Amount of chests " that were Hoarded over a Duration of time Or Rubies🤔
Why is the Game getting worse!?! I have 1400 x gold chests and about 80 x platinum chest…Id be in trouble if i Opened All and got 2 mythics…or Obtained 1 mythic and Used over 100k rubies for More sigils🤣

Its becoming More pathetic than whats the point?