New Necropolis Base Skin & Exotic Rider Gear

Necropolis Base Skin & Exotic Rider Gear

On October 11, we’re releasing two new branches in the Atlas Strange Lands Season. Navigate to the Special tab to discover the Exotic Gear branch and Base Skin branch.

City Of The Dead!

In the Strange Lands, we’ve heard of denizens of Atlas staying and rebuilding their cities. What was once home now remains as a Necropolis, a world following the Aftermath of the Celestial War. Check out the new Base Skin branch to earn and collect the new Necropolis base skin.

Rider Gear has never been so Exotic!

We are introducing Exotic Rider Gear. Exotic Gear is Mythic Gear with a unique battle effect. Two pieces of Exotic Gear will be available in the Exotic Gear branch: Exotic Sword of the Vampire and Exotic Shield of Rage. Players will have the option to pick the elemental type of their gear.

  • Exotic Health Sword: +38.5% Dragon Attack at max level; Heals equipped Dragon when a Tower is destroyed.

  • Exotic Rage Shield: +44% HP at max level; Equipped Dragon gains Rage when a Tower is destroyed.

  • Please note, these items have elements too, so there are 5 such swords and 5 such shields:

    • Fiery Sword of the Vampire
    • Stony Sword of the Vampire
    • Sky Sword of the Vampire
    • Frosted Sword of the Vampire
    • Mystic Sword of the Vampire
  • Fiery Shield of Rage

  • Stony Shield of Rage

  • Sky Shield of Rage

  • Frosted Shield of Rage

  • Mystic Shield of Rage

The Necropolis Base Skin, Exotic Sword of the Vampire, and Exotic Shield of Rage will all be exclusive to Atlas.


I do like this!! Great Job


I feel like this makes things unnecessarily complicated. Runes and glyphs are better because they aren’t associated with an element. Why not have a rune that does the same thing? Once we claim the sword and shield, we are stuck with that element.

Great idea, but now we will have to get them for every element from now on. But i guess that’s the point. :frowning_face:


i knew exotic gear was coming lol


We don’t need exotic gear.
Again, this looks to be an excuse to put out mediocre, half-finished dragons that we then need to collect a dozen things (spell riders, exotic runes, exotic gear, the holy grail and the golden fleece) to make it whole.

What is the cost of these lines? Can we claim them at any time or are there unlocking requirements?

It’s ironic that the exclusive atlas base skin doesn’t work in atlas :woman_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2:


Exactly :slightly_frowning_face:


Nuff said :joy:

Yet it is indeed a good question how are the costs for exotic gear and skin?


1.Can you give the exact numbers? Like how many rages, or how much percentage of healing?
2.How many atlas badges do these branches require?

3.Will we be able to get both sword and shield, or we need to pick one of them?
4.Is there any requirement to go for this branches like completing the whole atlas branches, or regular gear branches etc.?


Cost of the lines :eyes:


I’m keen to see how this will impact the balance in the game… if dragons are good by default plus they will get extra buff from gear like increased rage they will be too good.

If then dragons become mediocre people who don’t have atlas or not active enough are basically screwed.


Wait base skin is Atlas branch! ? And it doesn’t work in Atlas ?


Let’s just ignore this seasons mythics and give all our love to gilas since he’s probably the best built dragon this season :slight_smile:


You mean they are not free?!:flushed:

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I like this update. Looking forward to see the prize lines and costs :relaxed:

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So mixed feelings on this.

I like the base branch. Cosmetics are cool, and I like this as an Atlas Branch, since it doesn’t require you to mess with main game/season progress. It is weird that its an Atlas Branch, but doesn’t work in Atlas, but its ultimately not a big deal.

Exotic Gear. I kind of figured that exotic gear would come at some point, but I wasn’t thrilled about the idea. Gear is one of the major points of power creep so, while the game constantly has to add new things to get players to purchase and spend, I had the concern that exotic gear would come out and clearly just power creep the game out.

This honestly is probably the best way to handle the power creep. Instead of creating a stats race, where you just keep upping the stats on gear, you’ve given them additional utility without increasing the stat bonuses that they provide. So I am not in love that you added exotic gear…but if you were going to add exotic gear this is probably the best way to do it. Of course this depends on the exact amount of health/rage regained…

And from what I am seeing in the images these pieces of gear appear to be more accessible than the standard mythic gear, which is good, but it definitely depends on costs and how things are structured. And that is something I would really like to know. How much does the branch cost? Is it available to everyone, or do you have to purchase other branches first?


Okay if were having exotic gear ….

@PGGalileo pls make Mythic gear forgeable …… but we don’t need to make things mediocre like ZeroDuck said don’t make dragons spells mediocre by having the spell doing less damage due to it having to have a exotic runes and glyphs just like the mythics this could hurt the game as a whole as well as this Exotic gear.


How will these gear skills work with dragons that already have similar abilities?
For example if I got wind exotic gear and put it on Garnath whose passive spell already restore rage when a tower is destroyed, how does that work?

  • Is it like runes where the two abilities would stack?

  • Is it like spell riders where the exotic sword’s ability wouldnt be applied since he already has a similar ability?

  • Is it like defensive riders where the single highest amount is what you get (ie say the sword is .25 rage per tower while Garnath is .5 per tower so the .5 is what you get)

Or say dragons like Quasar and Kinnarix who both have shields that put healing marks on towers. How would the shield’s ability interact with those healing marks?


Kim ne söylüyorsa söylesin çok iyi, satın alma imkanları nasıl olacak umarım zorlu olmaz

Also anyone else think this gear is a bit too Op like PG is doing another Surt accident?