New old bug - Atlas lag and stuck

Here’s a new old bug or issue…

And PG believed was capable to make the shuffle works. Really a joke.

Please! Make the playability of the game the priority!!!

The game is crashing at this point of attack. Allways on atlas.

Did you collect a bunch of rewards before doing the attack? Say from either atlas Event rewards, chests from teammate purchases, or prizes from the current event?


And do you have enough phone storage to run the game?


hmm now you caught me. I dont know. But I should collect it before? Collect then leave atlas and back?

(sorry. limited english)

Yes. Everything runs fine. except WD that allways stucks but dg continues to fly taking damage, allways lag, etc…

If you collect too fast, then the game lags and it freezes pretty much everything. You should close the game and open it again.

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I´ll look that. But without hope because when that happens, the game close at that point and its necessary two or more attemptives to get normal

Is it?
IIRC, it happens randomly to me even before shuffle.

This randomly happens to me regardless if I have unclaimed prizes or not and mostly with Krelos. It freezes the screen and unfortunately you have to do a force restart.