New option : Test my defense !?

Hello my english is sad so i will explain my idea with my french language :confused:
If u dont understand, please use traductor, you, u can speak english, no prob :wink:

Mon idée serait d’ajouter une option pour attaquer sois même sa base.
Pour tester nos défenses, nous attaquons nous même notre base avec nos dragons, notre équipe pourrait rejoindre l’attaque pour nous défendre.
Comme ça, nous voyons nous même comment modifier notre base, se qu’il va et se qu’il ne va pas.

Qu’en pensez vous?

English test :smile: :

My idea will be to add an option to attack ourselves his base.
For try our defense, we are attacking ourselves and our team-mate can join the attack.
We can attack ourself with our dragons.
Like this we can try more often our base and optimize more often our defense…

What about this?


I like the idea. Even more impressed you translated it into English for us.
Not sure how easy it would be to do but I like it.

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Grammar is my worst problem …
Thanks and im happy if the idea isnt only cool for me :smiley:

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I think it has been suggested before (not recently), but it’s still a good idea.


I would love that idea , I could see what flyers could do against me and how I can prevent it

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You can do it if you’re teamless! You need to bookmark yourself, which requires an alt (swap names with them, bookmark, then swap back) or getting lucky and finding yourself in matchmaking.

It is a common suggestion, along with being able to attack our teammates. Maybe someday…

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Many times indeed:

But I definitely agree it would be a great feature!


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