New options for game

Hey friends. I was thinking, how about if we get dragon exchange option within the team or maybe trade in-trade out option.

Yes, let’s definitely have a level 10 player trade their Draco for a Noctua. /s

This would break the entire fundamental balance of the game, not to mention most likely be exploited like crazy. Hell no.


Hey friend. I was thinking, how about you use search button and see if it was asked 100 times before?


This is the second time I’ve seen this brought up. You must’ve been around a long tine. :hushed:

That is 1 time too much.


You literally made me laugh out loud. :rofl:

No, absolutely not.


I’ve seen it at least 4 times myself

Don’t be dumb. Everyone knows that the Merk for Noctua trade is of much better value


Let’s trade Draco with Destar :joy::joy::joy:

Let us feed our old dragons to our new ones one dragon could be worth 3 400,000 food packs

Ah, cannibalism!

I still want Beaveramp

In your hypothetical situation, If I trade my babe dragon with a higher level and they train it, do I get their exuberant amount of exp? :heart_eyes:

Umm… no.

If there was a way I could “not like” this thread, I definitely would.

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