New Packs..this is a joke

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So u lowered the amount of bullhorns in a pack from 90 to 20…Before $200 would get u 90 bullhorns, some keystones, 35k rubies and some chests, etc…Enough to build all 90 bullhorns

Now we get 35k diamonds and 20 bullhorns???

So instead of 36k troops max it’s only 5k troops max?? Are you kidding me???

Old packs from someone who didn’t update…it’s in AUS but this was $99 USD

Well, for 200 US dollars, you’d be getting 70k diamonds and 40 horns.

But not chests and not keystones. And I don’t know diamond exchanges rates to cover the additional horns…

It seems odd. It will take me (or someone) a little time to divine if the value remained the same or not.

I came to the forums for and answer to this exact question. I just went to see the exchange and if you have 0 gold and move the slider to build 5k troops, it asks for 4,444 diamonds, which was exactly what is asked for in rubies prior to the update. I am hoping this is an error, but am looking forward to a reply.

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That’s intentional behavior… it’s the big update, so to speak

More concerned on how many Diamonds it would take if u have zero horns.

Right but if 70k Diamonds aren’t equivalent to 140 horns…and I don’t think that they will based on the exchange rates I’m able to see rn…primarily GP for primarchs…it’s the same amount of diamonds now as it was in rubies

Can’t test out the diamond/horn exchange rate until I’m out of horns

I may be wrong, but I don’t think you need that exactly. You need to know :

  • Ratio of diamonds to rubies
  • Amount of diamonds it takes to fill horns
  • Amount of horns it would take to fill your 5K troop order
  • Amount of diamonds it would take to fill gold
  • Amount of diamonds it would take to fill gold AND missing horns

I just ran this and it looks like it costs 550 rubies per horn. So you can buy 63 horns with 35K rubies (if that number does not change). That means you could previously buy 90 horns and 85 keystones for $99.99. Now you get a total of 83 horns and no keystones for the same price. Maybe that is about right…?

I’m coming to about the same number (545 diamonds per horn)… it’s still less…idk why they need to complicate things…
Should have kept diamonds and horns as separate packs. Replace keystones with chests.
So u have a 90 horns and 2 chests pack, and a 35k diamonds and 10 chests pack

I completely agree that they did not need to complicate this particular pack. It was not dependent upon rubies, so why make id dependent upon diamonds? I support it offers some more flexibility in how you ultimately use the diamonds, so they are viewing that as a “value”, but I’m with you that I had my math set on getting 90 plus a little bonus for that price, and now the return is lower.

I am getting approximately the same numbers as you all have posted.

So, the pack is less valuable that the previous combination of two packs… Unless the “value” is in the freedom to spend how you want.

But what if I wanted to revive troops?

Troops = glory = season prizes
Troops = glory/XP = Primes and Riders leveled

I’m missing the value proposition here. But I am also tired.


Are we doing the math wrong, or are we now getting less for our money (barring the “value” that comes from “flexibility”)?

My glory per dollar is now less, I believe. Hopefully I’m missing something.


My math says…

These packs are less bang for the buck.

Sadly, people will buy them (since there is no choice, and the sales data will be used to celebrate the great success of adding another 5% to the margin.

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Not wild about asking PG to verify math

They dropped the number of rider shards too…

It’s just plain stupid and another attempt to overcharge us for less value. Essentially the only thing diamonds are good for is building troops… and now they’ve made that more expensive… instead of promoting more atlas action, what they have done is basically discouraged it unless you want to spend more and more. I wish once PG would think of the customer base and do something that actually makes us feel like we matter as opposed to simply asking us to bend over.


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Nice job PG you just ruined atlas for the moderate spender. Not only did they take keystones away forever you lowered the amount of rider shards and horns in a pack. I’m so frustrated at this point. Why do we need to suffer for cheaters you ultimately ban? I know they stated diamonds would be in prizes but I can only imagine with the decrease in purchased packs how much we will get in prizes. This game is really becoming a game for whales and I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on. :frowning_face:

@PGDave is there something on the horizon that could help us build more troops?

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Not only troops but also rider shards. I can’t even get 2 level on my rider with the $20 pack and they have the audacity to call it a 66% discount… :rofl::rofl: I’m super upset


Best I can tell, conversion is 550 Diamonds to 1 horn.

So, USD 200 will net you 83 horns (versus 90), zero keystones, which previous was enough to buy at least a few cards from the deck, so it wouldn’t always be horns, but gold, scrolls, shards, etc… stuff that matters. Let’s say 5 horns though–since sometime, you could get as many as 17.

And, you get zero gold chests with the new packs.

12 fewer horns (about)
No gold chests

These new packs are empirically worse.

Don’t buy them until PG makes them what they “should” be. The game is expensive enough without someone finding a way to squeeze the players for another 15%.

Problem is… no other way to get horns now. So, if someone does buy them, they will have a huge advantage over you. And you will eventually buy one.

All around, PG cannot lose, since I can think of at least 1 player who will buy them, and his actions will have a domino effect.

Not even gonna touch the rider shard packs – they are so obviously worse they shouldn’t require a breakdown.


All they have done is make it so you can no longer buy packs to help in both Atlas and in WD… Squeezing more money out of people… This may as well be 2 different games now… I have so many friends quitting now from D1 and I’m afraid I’m ridding their coat tail on the way out!!


Maybe instead of changing packs they could improve horns all together which IMO were already overpriced to begin with for what they give.