New player in this game

Hello, I’m new to the game and I love to know why dragons are not used in defense when attacking my base by others

There is a perch you can place a dragon on to boost your base when you extend out to the 1st small island. But you’re defensove towers are always going to be your main defense. As to why? :woman_shrugging:


I think it’s because dragons are just very very lazy. Mine are at least.


Dragons won’t fight each other fir few reasons

  1. There lazy
  2. If this isn’t a rpg the HOW would they fight each other? I can’t imagine the player base not getting angry by a change
  3. I like the base thing! If I wanna play a rpg then I’ll get a copy of a Pokémon game :slightly_smiling_face:
  4. I think lore makes it reasonable they don’t fight each other as very few ( if any ) dragons have lore in which they battle each other

Is this a joke?
What do you mean

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I think you’re passionate about this Pokemon
If this game is a Pokemon game as you say you know it
Because I do not like games like that
I’ll tell why when you attack enemies on my friends castle I can not use dragons to defend them and help him with it
If there is a way to do that, I hope you will guide me
I hope you understand what I mean

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There are only 3 kinds of dragons in this game.

  1. The ones sitting on the perch throne
  2. The ones in your roster
  3. The ones playing in your base.

Thanks for the quick reply
Sorry for the lengthening
I mean my words (when you call me for a defense for one of my friends, can I use the dragons that I have in it and how)

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Don’t know how new you are to this game, so you might not have reached the point where you can build a perch yet. Once you’ve built a perch, you can station a dragon there that will also help defend your base. It doesn’t really do very much though - it just repeatedly shoots flames at the incoming dragon, you can’t use spells or fly it yourself.

You defend your friend’s base by using their towers and you can also use items to increase their defense. More info here:

Dragons attack, towers defend.

Thank you for clarification

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I was simply trolling ye lol

Beware if the trolls in forums :wink:
And though he a,so meant why can’t ye use it as in ye want a new update to do it in :joy:
So I used my sorta misunderstanding of ye question for my advantage to lurk around and troll a bit… ( what cmon let me enjoy as well! )

Thank you for your response
Do not worry often unintended misunderstandings
Greetings to you

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