New Player PERKS

Sadly I doubt that any new player really cares if they need 3 years or 6 years to reach the current endgame which will be further away once they reached it.
50% sounds significant, but is it sufficient? We all know how much time/money would have to be invested to get a new player far enough to fill a spot of an N or N-1 tier player who left the game. It’s close to impossible to refill those spots with the current system. So the higher leagues will dry out more and more, whales will find less and less targets and get bored, player level differences will be bigger and bigger completely throwing league balance out of the window.
PG is just way too afraid to create meaningful changes that in the end nothing will happen.
They have no plan besides driving further down the road that eventually leads to a (literally) dead end.



There ya go. Bingo and a cigar.


PG already destroyed the 300 wall and the Sapphire/Garnet wall by reducing the eggtokens needed. New players are getting it easier than before. Although I do agree that the game needs new players giving more things for free will wreck the game. You can’t expect high lv 400s and up players who have been playing for 2-5 yrs that have spend lots of time and money playing the game and outta nowhere you get newer players reaching end game in 6 months. With no grind and very little to no money spent. Your gonna have a lot of players quitting.
PG needs to make the game more fun instead of giving freebies. Have special Quest or mini events for Bronze and Silver leagues to get RSS needed to move up quicker so they atleast they will be active in game. Have atlas available for Gold 1 leagues and move all Gold 1 and low Plat leagues to their own island in Atlas so they won’t be used as meat shields and they can enjoy their atlas experience in their own island. Also Don’t allow higher lv players to go to Gold or Low Plat leagues have a certain cutoff in level or tier dragons Obsidian/Harbinger to be in low level leagues.
But my main point is make the game Fun for newer players with out giving out more freebies than they already have.


It would be very disturbing for longtime players, who have spent a lot of money and not getting any help (discount towers, dragons) to see new players get all these help.


I actually like the idea of bonus gold chests for new players. Gold chests have a kind of oomph factor imo and have a direct impact on progression…these bonuses can be added to the current achievements section (the one where you get timers, rubies, etc for hitting milestones).

Also the beginner tutorial could be improved by calling out the achievements button - I dunno if new players are clicking everything they should be - half of them don’t even notice events until someone points them out lol.

I propose the following list of bonus criteria for new players:
Bonus for x number of consecutive daily logins (targeted at new player retention). This is separate from the bounty harbor.
Bonus for first war participation, first time you get 7 flames in war attack, first 100 war points (targeted at new player engagement with teams).
Bonus for hitting x points in x event (targeted at new player participation in events).


There is a lot of merit in perks that increase player engagement and retention without skewing the balance of gameplay progression. I would prefer seeing new players get bonuses for doing game stuff rather than see the game die out.

I’m sure plenty of people here have seen games die from a slow bleed of players. This is very obvious - especially in the Plat and top Gold teams. What happens when the top has no one left to fight for? When Gold goes away in its entirety - right now at the current pace I predict that happening within a year.

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I am in favor of helping small players, everyone deserves help. But we must take into account the great players who have spent and continue to spend. We have never had similar help in the past … so if improvements are recommended, this should also be taken into account.

I have been reading this for about 3 years.

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As I mentioned earlier, this can be implemented without screwing over longtime players. This is meant to gives new players a small but material boost).

I have been reading this for about 3 years.

So you’ve been reading about this the last 3 years…I’ve been playing in Gold and under teams for the last 3 years…been recruiting within them the last 2 years. It’s a bit dismissive to say from an ivory tower perspective…unless you have direct experience with these leagues.

MY personal experience is that Gold league will die at the current progression, give or a take a year, and I don’t think I’m terribly far off. And no, I did not say this 3 years ago…

All players are born from such low leagues.

Are you in these leagues now?

Yes, with my alt. Then? But do you think that the higher leagues are roses and flowers? :joy:

No, of course I don’t think higher leagues are roses and flowers. The topic was player perks that can increase player engagement and retention, no? Whether higher leagues are the shizznizz seems to be besides the point.

If level 400 players are going to be salty that some newbie got “x” when they didn’t when they were starting out - then this game will die sooner rather than later.And maybe that’s what they want.


Agree with these points. And it fixes so many problems with leagues and Atlas if you have a giant end (or close to end) game population where it becomes about activity and not size.

I have played for a long time. I’m not foolish enough to feel that more Atlas targets and more balanced leagues would be anything but beneficial to me, and not selfish enough to care if people get a fire sale on everything leading up to that point (esp if it means I can invite friends to play with) to make it happen.

Would love to see more content rather than more power creep. And there is no reason it can’t be done with loyalty rewards for those players who would rather see game die than a healthier game with a larger player base that can, tbh, only be achieved through heavy discounts so players can be more than cannon fodder for 74 years while they try to get to somewhere relevant.

Of course, this is all premised on PG turning other things into revenue sources, but…LOL. I feel PG will see the game dies before it bothers, whether from fear or mismanagement or because they do dumb things like change the tint of 4 roofs and then charge $4.99 for it as a “test” or because the code is a nightmare or because their engine sucks (a large prehistoric cyber bird told me so), or whatever other reason.


It is no easy task maintaining a game that must cater to so many different levels, experience and expectations. I think the greatest thing that PG can do is to continue to develop content and pathways for new players and mid level players that encourages play, spending and competition in a way that leads them further into the game AND develop kick ass loyalty rewards for players based on the number of years they have played regardless of where they are in the game AND provide exclusive content for those that are the front runners and continually push for that cutting edge content be it by spending or insane grinding.


No, perhaps not, but will continue to keep this thread going, as there has been some real viable solutions on many different things in this thread, and there have been many good points of view on the current game problems that have affected retaining current player base, and keeping new players playing, and trying to come up with real solutions that preferably will be good for everyone so we can all have fun and enjoy playing once again.

I liked everything you mentioned except this one. To address the problem this proposal is targeting, PG can continue to lower token costs for lower tiers (which they’re already doing), reduce xp required to get early-tier dragons breedable, and maybe tweak or add more parent combos so there are cheaper options of getting certain dragons. (Also so that not being on a breeding path immediately is less punishing)


much better. :+1:t2: but i doubt pg will let the newbies have that. :man_facepalming:t2:

I suggest raising dragon xp caps or reducing xp to breed significantly for orange through …idk N-3 or so. This really needs to happen alongside the breeding discounts.

Also, long term players can suck it up. Other games clearly deal with this and succeed, so while i greatly doubt war dragons’ ability to succeed, i don’t think an influx of new higher level players would be what killed it. In reality you’d find it easier to recruit, there’d be more targets and activity, it would be good.


This is in the sense to approach endgame since already from sapphire it’s only legendary or mythics. Breedpaths would be dismissed until tiers start being “normal”. When I meant cutting I really meant like only one dragon of each class :scissors: in a sense it’s just a tryout. At least red, purple and blue tiers are deserving IMO

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I have spent about 9k on this game - I know peanuts compared to others and I see it differently.

I want to protect my investment by knowing new players will come in and keep the game going.

Alternative is the game dies and my 9k dies with it.

I’m not saying give someone end game for free, I’m saying get them to a state where they are competitive in platinum league in 12 months rather than 24 months.