New Player Query: Can a F2P player be decent in this game?


Hi guys,

I just started this game 2 weeks ago and just reached level 26 recently. There’s still a lot about the game that I don’t know but I’m enjoying it so far. I’m a strictly F2P player (the most i’ll get is probably Elite), so before I sink in more time and effort into this game, I was just wondering if being a F2P player will ever allow me to at least get decent in endgame? I don’t have to be like top 20 team in Diamond League, but will I be able to at least survive and still enjoy the game in Sapphire/Diamond eventually for example?

Thanks in advance!


Endgame? No.

Enjoy the game and move to higher tiers? Absolutely! Be active!

Youv’e found the forums early on. That is step one. Find Red’s Best Breeding Path and follow base building guidelines and you will be ahead of the F2P/E2P (Elite Spending only) and you will honestly have a better start than a lot of us that began years ago.

But you will still be multiple years behind end game without spending.

But there is joy to be had! Hidden inside all the frustration.

Edit: Be prepared to grind your ass off for non-endgame rewards.


Not really, no. You wont ever be at endgame without spending an ungodly amount of money. That does not mean you can’t have fun though. And you can certainly be competitive within your respective league someday, gold or platinum consist of a lot of lower level players.

I highly recommend Elite account, but it is not necessary either. You DO need to get started on one of Red’s breeding paths and follow a base building guide if you plan on progressing quickly though.

At the end of the day it’s a game, and you should enjoy playing, that’s the main thing. This game can easily turn into a second job if you let it.


The tricks to doing well without spending are planning and hoarding.

There is a cycle to events and the items required to to do well in them, hoard these items between events, plan out what prizes you hope to achieve and try to make sure you have items required for each event left over after the event ends so you have more next time.

Without spending you will not reach endgame unless they stop adding to game, at which point the game will likely end.


I’ve been playing for almost 3 years now. I’m an E2P player (regular elite and occasionally atlas elite only, excpet for this one time when they were doing an AIDS Red week thing back in 2016… I bought a $5 pack then since the money went towards AIDS research).

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you might eventually make it into a diamond team. Though they will probably require you to at least have regular elite. Since you’re F2P though I wouldn’t expect to get into the top leagues anytime soon.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a nice platinum team to join though. Hopefully you’ll find a good one with people that can teach you how to be a skilled flyer.

Edit: I’d been playing for over 2.5 years before I got accepted into my current team (which is a D2 team).


Depends on what you meant as decent.

Decent as in good for average league? Yes, certainly. However, since F2P has lower limit than the rest of the players, we should make it up with effort :grin:


Welcome to the forums! Just have fun playing the game. It is a loooong climb but you’ll get there…eventually :hugs:


@mechengg you have a potential mecholyte here :eyes:


define “decent.”

and F2P as in literally no $ into the game or elites only?


Red said it best:

To do well at this game there are three criteria:

  1. Length of time played
  2. Amount of time spent in game daily
  3. Amount of money spent

Fulfilling 2/3 will get you decent progress. Though, honestly, the most expedient way is to spend money. But there are plenty of people F2P and E2P that still somewhat enjoy the game. Just make sure you don’t expect to be at endgame in 6 months.




Welcome. I am FTP as well, not anywhere in endgame but enjoying the game with my teammates .
1.To progress, you may want to find a great team which keeps you going.
2. You may need to spend decent time to grind for chests, rubies and egg tokens, hitting/ defend wars, train troops and hitting in atlas if available
3. At some point of time, you may need to switch team for better Development.
4. Get Elite for decent development
5. Spend time on major events and if available to atlas events.
6 read up on valuable guides that some of the guys had worked out. It reduces some effort and help you progress faster.
7. Do not think endgame as that gives you nothing to work towards.

Just aim for the 450/500 sigils mark each event, grind at least 3000 egg tokens per day, 80-100 bronze chests during event days, 500 rubies per day during non event day. If atlas events available, aim for the 46 or 51x 1hr timer mark each event.

For team effort, in events, get on the TOP 40 for the highest team prize mark. For team wars, contribute by assisting lower team members to achieve 5 flames, and defend as much as possible and make sure your team defence is more than the opponents.

See, most are about time and effort. Enjoy the game


How do we? :thinking: I must be forgetting something.

F2P is probably a bit tough life, that makes your progression slower, as you get twice as less tokens and twice as less XP for dragons, than E2P. But as pure E2P I can tell for sure you can enjoy a lot :slight_smile: even being far away from end game. Been playing 1y5m and still probably a year from current end game, which doesn’t bother me at all, it’s so much fun where I am in the middle :smile: it’s really important to find your guild to feel comfortable and be guided though.


I guess just doing ~80 runs getting 10 ruby drops from the monuments.

While all of Brucey’s advice is solid, it’s in the pretty intense side of the spectrum. You can definitely enjoy the game as E2P without being that active.

I’ve been playing as E2P for about 1y4m, about to breed my first obsidians, and being very much competitive in Platinum 1 league. I don’t grind as much as Brucey describes (still a fair lot of egg grinding) but I do do meticulous planning and optimizing to minimize the resources I need to grind.


Really the main thing is have fun. Don’t do anything you don’t want to, and play your way. As new to the forums I want to emphasize most here are your above average gamers with above average grinding and work into the game, don’t let that scare you.

No you will not reach endgame material, but if they keep adding then you can reach current end game materials that won’t be endgame at that time.

Find a team you enjoy playing with and work your way stronger with them. Enjoy getting a new dragon no matter which, it’s new to you. Set a goal and work towards it, once you reach it make another. If you do these things the game is awesome and enjoyable.


I been playing nearly four years now and I can keep up with those that pay money. It is about playing smarter. Like others have said you need to plan ahead and prepare. Higher level playing makes a big difference but it takes time to lean the dragons. Etc


I’ve been playing for 2+ years, have had elite since my third month, and used to be very, very active. I am nowhere near endgame.

That said, one of the really fun things about this game is that, no matter where you are in the spectrum (noob to end game), you can compete and have fun. As a level 26, you can attack or defend against levels 1 - 50, and you get to pick who you attack. You have a wide array of base difficulty you can choose to attack - so you can tailor the difficulty of the game to your skills. I enjoy the fact that, though I am not one of the best fliers in the game, I won’t just hit a skill wall that renders me unable to progress any further, since there are plenty of bases in a range below and above my level I can choose from, and so many that I generally don’t have to worry about attacking the same handful of people over and over.

Also, you d on’t need to be at end game to be decent. There have been some really great fliers who left the game for one reason or another, or that are still playing but just haven’t reached end game because it is a moving target with a big price tag.

So again - without BIG money, you will not reach end game. But this game has room for fun and competition no matter what level you are, no matter your abilities and skills, no matter your spending habits.


Sadly this is becoming less and less as more are building all the same way, different names same base.

Edit: clarification to be less confusing and to not add to post count
What’s the ratio of 15 tower 1-3 micro, 20 tower 3-6 short, and anything else? What was it .5, 1, 1.5 yrs ago? This is what I’m mentioning, gets a bit boring attacking the “same base” even outside of events that do that already. To OP I say play your way, if it’s with, against, or something else it don’t matter. Do you.


I’m 291 and I can always find bases from 300+ to attack that have a wide variety of orientations and difficulty :man_shrugging:


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