New Player Query: Can a F2P player be decent in this game?


Come on man - this isn’t the thread for ‘the meta is boring’ - this is to encourage new people like @Hayaigo to stick with the game, even though endgame is not really ever going to be within the grasp of any new F2P/E2P players. :+1:


I gave a decent I think post above in regards to that. Just not gonna lie to em about what’s goin on, more info more power for own decision.


F2P is no money in the game at all, E2P is elite only, then light medium heavy and whale spender.

The progression feels good especially as you start out, would definitely recommend getting on red’s best breeding guide and not building out farther than your first perch (which means you’re going to have really high level towers for your level) don’t build trebs, lightning, ballistas. only build 2 archers, 1 cannon, 1-2 storms, 4-5 mages and then switch to 1-2 flaks when you can


Well been playing since Durga was the “beast” till now, yeah not endgame yet but somewhere near ( one more mythic to complete vangard. The new emphyrean gives me something to work towards)

I don’t do rubies now, but still work hard during events for rubies and I still grind for tokens, together with daily payout and 125% boost, I target 10-15k per day.


This is a hard question as it depends on you. If you want to steadily progress and fly cool dragons with friends then yes you absolutely can be successful.

You aren’t likely to ever reach late game but if your happy with that that’s good.

As a f2p are you going to be fighting toe to toe with the best of the best? It is possible it it is very very very difficult and time consuming. It really depends what you want


Welcome to War Dragons!

I think the short answer to your question is yes, over time. You will never be the best, but with a significant time investment (year+, honestly), clever planning, and following the best advice in the game, you will be able to get to Sapphire teams, I think. It will not be a simple road, a casual one, or one where you can just log on for 5 minutes a day. People who get ahead must spend money, be active, or spend time in the game. Since you’re cutting out the money portion, you must be more active and spend more time playing to progress past others.

We love this game, the people here, in our own way. The people especially make everything worth it. When I first started, I personally loved the strategy, learning to fly new dragons, and working with my teammates - I am on the same team to this day (a rarity). The forums can be a negative place, of which I do contribute, but we are all here because we love the game in some way. Take everything with a grain of salt and instead find what you enjoy about the game.

If I could offer some advice that I wish I had when I first began:

Breeding Guides

Breeding Guides are documents that tell you an order in which you should breed dragons and which parents to use. There are many different parents and ways to get a single dragon, and a breeding path has done all the legwork for you in determining the best way to get from point A to point B. For the most part, I believe I am the only one who has well researched, updated, and various breeding paths open to the community. Here is a link to my master breeding paths: Red’s Master Breeding Paths. There is a lot going on there, and a lot of options. If you are overwhelmed, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be more than happy to help you out with this.

Base Building

Try to follow the general phrase "Build STRONG, not long". The basic idea of this is that a base which has a few high level towers is always better than a base that has many low level towers. It is never too late to fix your base and work on it. I would highly suggest *not* asking your League Chat or team for help, as at the lower level there is unfortunately a lot a poor advice. There are some very wise people (and some not) people on the forums. If you would like help with your base and a specific plan, please feel free to ask. @mechengg is a very good resource for you, as he is an Elite to Play master at base building.

The basic foundation lies with what @Lutrus said as well:

Trebuchets are now, unfortunately, out dated. They do poor damage and their “stun” special is much better in it’s upgraded version, dark flak, which you can build later. Ballistas are the worst tower in the game and you should not invest your resources into this. Lighting towers have their uses, but only in large groups. For free players, or Elite only players, they simply take up too much space and too many resources to be worth it. A very good set of five towers to focus on would be:

  • Archer
  • Cannon
  • Storm
  • Red Mage
  • Blue Mage

There are Premium Towers in the game too - turrets and flak cannons. Before building any premium tower, please speak with a knowledgeable player. Fire turrets are pretty blah, ice turrets have uses, and flak cannons can be used well currently. However, due to their premium currency you should not build multiple of any premium tower (aka just build ONE flak cannon) until you’re sure you can afford two. It may seem like you’d be able to, but most cannot since the currency is needed for every other level.

If you have more questions on this, please feel free to ask. I would personally love to help as would @mechengg, @Lutrus, and many others. Just beware people who speak with good intentions but poor information. High level players are not always good, long-term players are not always knowledgeable, and kind people are not always right.


The seasons in game are a very good and easy way for you to get some goodies and a very strong dragon. In every event, you can earn "sigils", which are the currency of seasons. You can spend these sigils on various things: dragons, dragon riders (super cool), boosts, and more. For you specifically, I would suggest finding a mentor to guide you through strategy regarding seasons and spending your sigils wisely.

Grinding to get Ahead

As a free player, or Elite player, there is one major thing you can do to ensure you progress at a fast rate: grind. Grinding comes most easily with egg tokens. I would suggest you read the Egg Token Mission Guide mechengg wrote here.

Be active, be cautious of advice, take everything with a grain of salt, and play smart.


I am a F2P player and have been playing almost 4 years. I can get elite with rubies though. I don’t think you can progress with Elite costing money to make the game enjoyable over an extended period of time. Elite is a must for regular progression in the game.


Might add that until we have enough ember (probably until capped level + 5) for 2 Flaks, stick to one, and don’t build totem.

Also, plan when we need to open gold chests.


@Hayaigo this is the truth for F2P or E2p (elite).

I’m E2P myself, started roughly 1 year and 3 moth back. Now I’m level 241 rushing to level 300 wall in order to keep the pace with the [Red’s best breeding path] witch I highly recommend following.

In a few hours, at the start of this breeding event, I will get my first Obsidian (Noctua).

I get there playing a lot, because I like a lot this game. I play every 1-2h to do my token missions and building troops. But I’ve only spent on elite (yearly normal elite and sometimes Atlas 1 week elite).

So, based on my experience only, you DON’T NEED to spend to get near/at endgame.

I would advice thought you DO NEED to:

  • be are very active
  • enter a good team in sapphire league (very active, organized, reaching team prizes in event and with Atlas)
  • play very little but a lot (enter every 1-2h to do missions and build troops)
  • plan your events thansk to Mechengg's Spreadsheet Vault
  • hoard gold chest to open them only during PvP events
  • hoard bronze chests to open them only during breeding events
  • get 100% or 125% token boost at the very beginning of every season
  • do not collect dragons and go through tiers (colors) the faster the better (Divine dragons are stronger, the ones from seasons. Get Gunnar this season as far as you can if not already)
  • build your base tall, not big (it’s better to have 5 max level towers than all your base with inferior levels)

I hope you grow stronger and enjoy it because, some don’t remember it but THIS IS A GAME.

See you out there!


Those advices sound great but at level 28 hard to get into sapphire team I suppose, hence may have to work a bit through lower teams, my thoughts. Unless his networking is good and manage to get into one.


This would be a very fast way to lose interest for most people, at level 26 you will feel completely useless and insignificant for way longer than is fun, even if you can get a decent Sapphire team to take you. Plat 4 is a much healthier place to spend your first 100 levels in my opinion.


It has definitely gotten significantly easier lately to level, earn tokens, earn seasonal prizes etc, but i’m not sure that it’s to a point where i would quantify that its possible for an Elite2Play type of player can be anywhere near end game with a fresh account.

I’ve been working diligently at my account for 2 years now (first 6 months was probably sketchy at best) and i’m still only flying Harbinger tier dragons. I still have 20 levels to gain to be able to fly vanguards, and by then the new tier will be out and i won’t be near end game yet again.

But to have fun, make good friends, get into a few scuffles and learn, this game is fantastic. The planning you can do, the things you can read/learn, the strategies you can develop are some of the things that i really enjoy about this game.


Sure, it all get easier to level and breed, and I think it will continue to improve.

For exemple, when I started playing I remember people saying that F2P/E2P need almost 3,5 years to get to endgame (obsidian was the bigger tier by that time).

Now, “only” 1 year and 3 month after I am at “that endgame”.

And if my planning goes as I intended I will be breeding my firs harbinger on week 9 of next season, and my first vanguard on next season (in 6 month, after 1 year and 9 month playing).

I think meanwhile the 300 wall will be fixed (PG says they are on it, so…) and some tier discounts will occur.

So yes, maybe I won’t be AT endgame being E2P, but I’ll surely NEAR it… at a “safety distance” that allows me to enjoy good dragons and still have the finish line at sight, just a little further.

It would be really boring for me to be at endgame, waiting new stuff in order to keep breeding or building…



I think that’s too high. Gold 1 is the new Plat 4. Lots of 200s in Gold 1, PvPs are tough for someone at level 26 on my Gold 1 team - we’ve set our minimum to 45. That said, lots of Plat teams have holes to fill and are taking very low levels. He could even probably find an Atlas team if he looked hard - the castle egg token boost would be nice, and there are a bunch of Gold level teams with Atlas.


I did spend my low-level time in Gold 3 and Gold 1 as well, but I didn’t want to lowball it too much. Still P4 is more sensible than Sapphire, on that we agree. :grin:


I disagree with permacat.
I struggle big time with pots. The best time to open bronze to get pots is on pvp.
If you’re f2p/E2P, then you’re going to be struggling with elemental embers and the best time to open golds is during for events.



Thanks for the reply, but can i understand the rationale for opening chests at different events? And why specifically only Gold during PVP and Bronze during Breeding?



You only open gold on pvp events because pvp items are only availiable during pvp events, and you really dont want to be caught without energy/inner fires during those events

not sure about bronze chests tho, ive always opened them in pvp events along with the gold chests :confused:


Personally, I think it depends on how you want to grow.

If you want to get Divine, open both during PvP, with occasional Fort, if you’re low on Ember. This way, your base progress is slightly hindered, though PvP is the most balanced speedups / egg token.

If you need more egg token, Breeding gives you the most… Good if we’re overleveled.

If you want to grow your base fast / need more Elemental Embers, focus on opening them during Fortification events.

IMO, there is no best approach, as each of them has their own purposes.

As mentioned by Lutrus, it’s advised to open Bronze during PvP if you fly a lot.


I am currently level 103 end of Gold tier stepping into Platinum Tier. I’m on a Platinum Team and enjoy this game alot.
At your level I wouldn’t worry about end game until you are 2-3 years into this game. There is much to do and learn, this game is about:

  • learning from mistakes and improving on them,
  • patience,
  • adapting to change,
  • And working towards goals.

A huge part of this game:
Is revolved around resource management centered on events. These events are PVP, Breeding, Feeding, Fortification. You always prepare for these events. Save egg tokens for weeks or months and only spend them during Breeding.
Never level dragons outside of Feeding except your main 3 dragons.
Only level towers during Fort and save your timers for Fort.
Save your Gold Chests and open them on the right event, depending on what you need.
Save bronze chests for PVP or others depending on what you need.
This game is very heavily based on restraint and resource management. If you can save up you can do well in each event and thus get good Divine dragons each season. If you save rubies for 1 or 2 seasons you can get a Mythic.

My favorite thing about this upward climb is the time to get there. It’s a sense of achievement once obtained. Everyone is different and has different speeds of which to climb, learn and level of skills. You may be more comfortable in Gold Tier than Sapphire 3.
Higher leagues like Diamond and Sapphire have better teams with higher levels of knowledge. These teams are very competitive and require higher levels of activity but also come with more knowledge. It’s a trade off.
We all have many things to learn and that’s part of the fun.

2019 is a very exciting time for Dragon Lord’s. The developers are more interactive now than I’ve herd previously. They are listening more to players and making efforts to improve upon glitch’s, bugs, gameplay issues.
For example we had a thread started by PG called QOL (Quality of Life) which asked players to suggest changes that would make the game more fun and enjoyable, one of the requested things was being able to input coordinates in Atlas and for it to take you directly to the location imputed. They implemented this request and added another which although laggy has a potential use. Primarch Finder allows players to view primarchs without going into the castle. Very cool and useful.
Both are time savers.

My point here is: this game is not without it’s problems and obstacles and even glitches. The creators come off as greedy & money hungry to most of the community but I have noticed there is a positive shift in the works and many things are improving. I absolutely believe you will have a blast on this game if you have the patience and resource management required for this game.