New Player Query: Can a F2P player be decent in this game?


You will be able to enjoy the game throughout the game without being endgame. There are loads of players scattered all around and the most don’t sit there.

I would advise on Elite, but if you don’t you are in good time to do all right as @TheRedDelilah said. By the time you hit certain"thresholds" it’s even possible that PG will have them (finally) eased.



Sure, you need to open the gold chest when you need them.

Obviously, if you lack embers (not enough form dragon lines) you should open enough of them during fort.

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They have already give you some answers, but my reasons are different.

During PvP I get enough Inner Fire and energy pack form the gold chest hoarded, enough to get to the 400-450 sigil prize, so I don’t need to open bronze.

The advantage of opening bronze chest during breeding is a better drop rate for sigils and egg tokens, meanwhile during PvP the chances to get inner fire or energy chest is very small. (refer to For me the extra sigils and tokens are more important than some Inner fire and energy packs (since I have enough from Gold Chests).

As I said in my first comment, those are recommendation from my experience.

It’s best to adjust to your own convinience the info provided from Mechengg's Spreadsheet Vault

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The disadvantage is less timers and less healing potions. And of course some inners and energy are still more useful than some tiny food packs and potions.

For me it’s now bronze in pvp (during discount week only), gold in fortification. Both primarily to maximize timers. Bronze in fort gives the same timers but everything else is worse, so pvp makes more sense.



I think gold needs some split on fort and PVP. Bronze give barely enough to make much of a difference. Agree with bronze on PVP for heal pots and timers.



It all depends on what you need. I need a lot of timers and a lot of embers in the coming months, and I don’t mind scoring lower on some pvp events as a consequence. Event rewards don’t help much with game progression after all. But I’ll concede opening everything in fort and nothing in pvp is a fairly extreme measure.

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Here is my $ .50

I would suggest buying the regular elite as it’s the single best value and will make a huge difference to you in this game. Two builders, double tokens, more resources, more xp per run, etc…

Now, if you get on a decent team with Atlas, and you felt so inclined, you might consider buying Atlas elite occasionally only. At the most you really only need to buy it every other week to make really good progress with farming shards and building troops. Gold is ok for your team but I never really had a problem farming that.

Edit: I forgot to say if you do buy Atlas elite you could buy it halfway through an event so you get the benefit through a portion of each in order to maximize your placement in all Atlas events and those rewards (especially timers). If I buy it I tend to buy during troop build and farm the heck out of shards to be used in crafting event. Only level legendary or better gear during event, craft constantly outside of event.

I agree with the sentiment that you should only open any chests during PVP as others have said. Obviously if you’re within striking distance of a prize then go ahead and open enough to get you there.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, be disciplined, rarely is it worth progressing past the individual 400 - 450 sigil prize in events. It just takes too much of your precious resources to get to the next sigil award. Avoid the urge to over level in the early months / years (yes, I did say it was a marathon).

It’s a fun game but at times to be a free or an “E2P” (person who only spends on elite) it gets to be a chore.

Good luck.

This season I have managed to finish the token boost (I usually get that early in the season) finished UVS and nearly finished the first page of Astrid (rider). I am already starting to save for next season by not using rubies (only use them for gold chests or sigil chests occasionally) and saving all bronze and gold chests from here on out.

There is no way I could finish the other mythic and in fact I don’t know what I will do with the rest of my sigils.

Red has a season planner thread out here ( Red's Guide to Season Planning )

In the early days it will be hard but you can do it.



Opening chest as I do I’m always over 1,5K healing pots, so no need to seek them for me.

As for timers, perfomring well in Atlas events does much of it, but opening gold during PvP also gives me enough until now.

But you are right, you have to use your resources when/where you need them! Your needs doesn’t have to be similar to mines. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m opening both mostly during PvP, and still need to burn lots of speedups to heal pots…



Pure f2p player here. I have never purchased anything for this game and after 6-7 months I am a level 113 about to be in sapphire next breeding event. I lucked out and got into platinum around level 60-70 and stayed there until 100+ and went to a sapphire 2 team. It helps if you can be very active in game and hoard hoard hoard. Almost to 3k bronze just for this season alone in preparation for my first mythic. It is very possible to have fun and compete in this game you just have to find out how to enjoy the game on your own terms. I wish you the best of luck and the best advice would be to find an atlas team ASAP so you can grow even faster.



Im an elite only player, been playing 1’1/2 years and im at lvl 282 with 2.2billion attack 1billion defence which for someone not paying for value packs is pretty good, all because people guided me early with base and breed guides and ive been on teams that help players and do well in events/atlas, just gota grind and save your “tokens, shards, etc etc” for correct events

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That all depends on how much time you put it…i am an e2p player and in saph1 going to diamond…if you put the effort in you can do well…as far as end game you won’t reach that without spending as long as they keep adding tiers…


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